Valorant Players Would Receive Match Boxes and Act Points, According to Leaks

Since Valorant’s debut in 2020, players have constantly been saying that they want features such as the case opening system and the ability to trade. However, there has been no progress in this regard for a long time. Especially after the game got so close to CSGO in the Esports arena, there was an increase in Match Box rumors.

Despite all these developments, no statement was made by Riot Games and the in-game cosmetic system continued in the same way. However, in February 2022, a Twitter page called Valorant Leaks seems to have accessed important information thanks to the leaks they obtained by doing data mining. If you want, let’s take a detailed look at what kind of system will be in Valorant in the future.

Act Points System

At the beginning of our article, we talked about Valorant’s convergence to CSGO. As a matter of fact, we may need to change this idea slightly. Because when we look at the leaks, we think that this system has a greater similarity with Overwatch. Looking at it now, you’ll probably agree with us.

It is thought that a new system will be introduced soon to reward players in Valorant for their progress and wins in the game. The name of this system will be “Act Point System.”

As we know, Riot Games has consistently used tools such as events, different rewards, and the leveling system in competitive matches to keep the in-game activity high. These were great factors to motivate the players. However, lately, these have not been enough. This is exactly why they seem to have implemented a new system.

The popular Valorant leaks Twitter page, run by Mike, a young 17-year-old computer enthusiast, announced that he had discovered a new system that will come to the game. Under the Act Point System, players will be able to receive boxes from their wins or by logging in daily. After unlocking the boxes, they can also have some Action points for their progress as gifts.

How Will Valorant Act Points Work?

The Act Points System will briefly aim to reward players for their progress in the game and the time they spend on the game. In this way, Riot Games management aims to ensure that players participate more in the game. This daily box system with hidden rewards will likely motivate most players. Data miner Mike first mentioned this system in December 2021 and discovered new features on February 2, 2022. The files he discovered mention “bonus win boxes” and “daily bonus”.

However, we would like to say that Riot Games has no official statement that such a system will come to the game. If this data mining information is true, players will soon start earning nice in-game rewards by winning matches or logging in daily.

Can’t Valorant Have CSGO’s Case System?

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, most Valorant players want the case opening system to occur in the game, just like in CSGO. As a matter of fact, this is a very reasonable request and will immensely increase the game’s attraction. Especially as you know, the case opening system paves the way for CSGO betting as skins are a popular payment option, which means the creation of a different ecosystem.

You can now actively place bets on Valorant. However, not using skins, but with cryptocurrencies and normal fiat money. Perhaps this will change in the future and we sure know many are hoping for Valorant skins gambling to become a reality! 

Do you think Valorant will have a CSGO skin economy? 

The famous Twitch publisher Shroud in 2020 had the following to say about it;

“No f**king way. No, no way that happens,” he said. “Riot is the company that is behind Valorant, right, and the best way to view it is that they’re probably going to do something similar to League of Legends. There’s no way they would ever do something like Valve.”

“It is super, super unique, and it is what makes Steam and Valve so successful. Not the games, but what is inside the game’s,”

“That sh*t is what is keeping Steam and Valve alive, you know what I mean. But, I also think it is way too risky of a model for any other game developer to attempt.”

Final Words

The system brought by Valorant seems to be a blend of the box system in Overwatch and League of Legends. It is an undoubted fact that it will increase in-game activity and fun in both ways. However, we do not know what the game’s future awaits us. Maybe we can see a new system similar to the case system in CSGO.
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