FIFA 23 could be about to allow players to enjoy cross-platform gaming!

Cross-platform gaming is something that many gamers have craved for ages, with many dying for the idea to be implemented sooner rather than later.

For those unaware, a cross-gaming platform is a gaming platform that allows users to interact and play games with other users on different platforms, such as gamers who play on a PlayStation device and those that prefer to play on Xbox. 

Cross-gaming platforms are growing in popularity as they allow users to connect with each other regardless of the type of device or gaming system they are using.

Of course, those who like to play gambling games online real money will have already been able to experience cross-platform gaming as they are able to use a variety of devices such as their smartphones, tablets, or even PCs in order to enjoy their favorite titles, however the video game market still seems to be a little outdated in this regard.

Cross-platform gaming still has some way to go in the video game industry

Players would typically have to be required to purchase the game that is designed for the operating system that they have and then play against others who have the same system. This then creates arguments and (healthy) debates amongst the gaming community about which console is best, although it can be a headache at the same time, too.

It should be noted that there are a few games that have managed to implement this type of technology already, with titles such as Among Us, Apex Legends and Rocket League having all enjoyed huge success.

One game that many would perhaps wish would allow for cross-platform gaming in the future is FIFA, with the iconic football franchise continuing to be one of the most popular video game titles around with each installment that is released.

Game modes such as FIFA Ultimate Team have proven to be incredibly successful, but there are many who want to see if their team is better than their friends that are unable to do so because of the different consoles that the game is being played on.

But, will future releases of FIFA provide gamers with the opportunity to do that?

FIFA 23 could be set to finally include cross-gaming!

According to a report to have recently been released by XFIRE, it would seem that the next title in the iconic game series is set to feature cross-platform gaming for the very first time.

It has been claimed that FIFA 23 will allow players across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox to be able to compete against each other and play across all of the different game modes that are available together, regardless of their preferred system.

Naturally, this will excite players ten-fold as they will be able to finally conquer their friends and family without having to deal with excuses such as not being used to a particular console, whilst they will also enjoy the benefit of being able to play absolutely anyone they choose to.

Of course, there will be some concerns about how it will all work, but with FIFA 23 unlikely to be released by EA Sports until around September 2022, there is plenty of time for any potential drawbacks to be worked out.

Nonetheless, everyone will be excited by this latest news!

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