Pretty Girls Breakers! Review – PlayStation 5

I feel like I’ve been playing a lot of brick breaker games here lately between Atari’s Breakout: Recharged, Sushi Break, and now Pretty Girls Breakers! from publisher Eastasiasoft and developer Zoo Corporation. It’s been a few months since a new Pretty Girls game has released from them and instead of it being a solitaire or poker, you’ll be joining the girls while bouncing your ball to break blocks.

There have been so many different brick-breaker styled games over the years your immediate thought may be does this game do anything different to stand out? The answer is yes it does. The game has around 20 stages to play through and instead of having the traditional bat at the bottom of the screen to hit the ball with, you instead have one of seven twin-tailed girls with a beam saber. You still have a moving ball on-screen and a wall of blocks to destroy but this time you actually have to provide input to hit the ball. When it comes your way, you can press X or circle to swing your left or right arm to hit it. Timing your hits will lead to you building combos that increase your score and when you get enough of these perfect hits in a row it will cause your ball to get the power to break through blocks on contact.

While you are having to do more work than the traditional brick breaker by actually having to press a button to hit the ball, I found it quite refreshing and it helps it avoid feeling like just another Arkanoid clone. Also, if you’re worried about the timing don’t be as the swing radius is very generous so you should have no problems hitting the ball at all. You also get many of the traditional power-ups while playing like multi-ball and things like that and the game throws some dangers at you later like turrets that can destroy you if you take too many hits from them.

It probably won’t take you very long to finish all the levels but online leaderboards and the scoring mechanic can help you get a bit more time out of it. The girl content in this game is pretty mild with the most revealing costumes being bikinis. You can view all of these in the changing room later if you want too. Trophy hunters will find a very easy trophy list here that only asks you to beat the stages to earn the Platinum.

Pretty Girls Breakers! is a fine brick-breaker game that is affordable enough and just different enough to warrant checking out if you enjoy them. It doesn’t have a lot of stages to last you very long but I liked that you actually had to do more to hit the ball and were rewarded for doing it well. If you’re looking to spend a few dollars for a slightly different Arkanoid clone then give it a shot.

*Pretty Girls Breakers! Is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Pretty Girls Breakers!





  • Mixes the traditional brick-breaking gameplay up a bit
  • Scoring system and online leaderboards give you more reasons to do well


  • Doesn't have many stages to last long
  • Doesn't have much lewd content if you're looking for that
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