Four Casino Titles That Would Also Make Great Video Games

When it comes to creating fresh gaming content, it’s not unusual for studios to borrow from other types of media. Storylines that work well in books or as TV shows, for example, often act as the perfect fodder for video titles as well.
One industry that hasn’t been tapped into so heavily is slots and other casino games, and we feel this is a wasted opportunity. With so many incredible storylines that could be adapted, we’ve cherry-picked some of our favourites and shared what it is about them we think would work well as a video game.

Age of the Gods

Casino games with strong identities and imagery would be best suited to adaptation. For those looking to play online bingo for real money, Age of the Gods is an oft-recommended title. Available from several online providers, this 90-ball bingo variant has plenty to offer. Aside from the various prizes that are up for grabs, it also comes with a great backstory, a historical setting, and a cast of characters drawn from mythology. It’s gorgeously animated too, and we think its fascinating pantheon of gods would work really well in a video game. If you want to try it and see if you agree, you can play one free game each day at Betfair, so you could use this opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.

Wild Tundra

There’s also a call for nature-themed games right now, and the barren backdrop featured in this slot would make it perfect for a primitive survival/hunting kind of title. What’s more, there are some really cool animals included, which we’d love to see in-game, from woolly mammoths and sabre-tooth tigers to bears and prehistoric rhinos. Given the popularity of Jurassic World, the highly-acclaimed Far Cry Primal, and other similar titles, we definitely think there’d be a market for this one.

Book of Dragons

Book of Dragons is another video game adaptation we’d love to play. Transporting players to a medieval fantasy world, it has all the components that made Game of Thrones such a hit as a book series, TV show, and video title. In this slot, however, it’s the winged leviathans who need rescuing from the clutches of an evil magician. This adds a unique element to the story that would help to differentiate it from any other title currently on the market. Plus, there’d be the potential for some seriously cool graphics.

Cleopatra II

Last but not least, who wouldn’t want a new video game based on the life of one of history’s most famous queens. We all know Cleopatra was a force to be reckoned with, and her tale definitely makes for compelling viewing (and, in this case, playing). Despite her story already being adapted multiple times over for various forms of media, we’d still love to see it done again, and we think this slot could act as the perfect inspiration. Just imagine its striking imagery adapted for video play.

When it comes to slots and other types of casino games, there’s so much rich material out there that could be used for future video titles. The options really are endless.

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