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While PlayStation VR2 is on the way in the near future, teams are still working to put out enjoyable games for current PlayStation VR owners. One of those new games comes to us from developer Playful Studios who you may know as the creators of Super Lucky’s Tale which our reviewer Robby reviewed here. What you may not know is that the original game Lucky’s Tale launched on Oculus Rift back in 2016 and now all these years later has finally arrived on PlayStation VR. It’s been a long wait for PlayStation fans for this one but if you’re a fan of 3D platformers then this is one to check out.

Since PlayStation VR launched back in 2016, I’ve played multiple 3D platformers on the headset and I think it’s one of the best genres for the platform. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is not just one of my favorite VR games but also one of my favorite games of all-time because of how virtual reality really added to that experience and made it much more enjoyable than a traditional TV screen could ever do. Lucky’s Tale can’t quite match the bar that Astro Bot set but after playing through it I found it to be an enjoyable experience on its own. The game is a cartoony 3D platformer where you play as a cute little fox named Lucky who is out to save his friend Piggy from an evil creature named Glorp. Over the course of the game you’ll travel through 16 stages set in many different environments like underwater ruins, creepy catacombs, swamps, and more.

The PlayStation VR version is played entirely with the Dualshock 4 which is the best option for a platformer, at least until Sony releases the new motion controller that has analog sticks on it. The controls are very easy for all ages to enjoy with Lucky having a moveset consisting of a double jump, a tail whip attack, and a ground pound. The game has a nice array of baddies to dispatch including caterpillar and fish enemies and defeating them is as simple as using your tail to hit them or by jumping on them as is the case in most 3D platformers. When you’re not taking out the enemies in the levels you’ll be traversing and collecting the coins, gems, and hidden collectibles scattered about. Much like in Sonic if you collect 100 coins you’ll be rewarded with an extra life while the gems merely give you a better score. I enjoyed my romp through all the levels but the game is a tad short as I finished it in just a couple hours. If you want to try and get a bit more time out of it you can take on the time trials for each level which as of now, I’m still trying to beat them all. The times here are tight so you really have to be perfect and efficient in each level to beat them. There is also a red coin hunt mode that has you hunting down a number of red coins in each level.

Now I talked about Astro Bot earlier and why I felt like that game was so special because of how it used VR to enhance the experience and sadly Lucky’s Tale falls short in that regard. I don’t want to knock it too bad as it did release near the start of the virtual reality push and it didn’t have a chance to learn from games that have done cool things since then. You can look around the environments here and spot secrets but it doesn’t do a whole lot more than that. The camera also messes up at times and makes it tough to properly gauge jumps which led to me making a few mistakes because of it. I really hope that the team makes another Lucky VR game in the future and utilizes some of the things that games like Astro Bot and Moss have done to make those platformers so much more immersive.

The visuals are another area where this game looks a bit dated but it isn’t ugly. It has a very simple cartoon art style to it and that is perfectly fine. Lucky does have some cute animations though especially if you just leave him idle. It’s also worth mentioning that this version includes some improvements to the Lucky’s character model, the environmental lighting and the rendering over the original Oculus version that came out in 2016. The music and sound effects fit the cheerful 3D platformer perfectly with many of the tracks being quite catchy. Finally, if you’re a trophy hunter you’ll find 18 trophies included here with a Platinum to chase after. The hardest one to get on your way to the Platinum will be earning gold on all the time trials and as I said I’m still working my way towards it.

If you’ve yet to play Lucky’s Tale and you’re looking for a cute new 3D platformer to play on your PlayStation VR then I do recommend it. The game looks a bit dated and doesn’t do as much with the medium as some other games have but it’s enjoyable nonetheless. It will provide a few hours of lighthearted fun that anyone in the family can enjoy and the time trials are present for the more skilled players out there to conquer. Hopefully we see more of Lucky in VR in the future.

*Lucky’s Tale is available now on PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest. PlayStation VR version reviewed on a PlayStation 5. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review. ThisGenGaming is an official partner of where you can find all of our PlayStation VR reviews.

Lucky's Tale





  • Charming 3D platformer that all ages can enjoy
  • Has a couple extra modes to give you a bit more playtime if you seek it
  • While dated, the cartoon visuals and animations are charming


  • Not very long
  • Looks dated visually
  • Doesn't do as much with the VR medium as some other games have
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