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Four years ago, developer Lillymo Games released their 2D platformer Perils of Baking that had you playing as a baker who had to put a stop to the evil plans that his brother was enacting. After working on their old-school space shooter Habroxia 2 the team has decided to go back and remake their original game from the ground up and now Super Perils of Baking is fresh out of the oven. Let’s see what has changed and if it’s worth your time.

Just like the original version Super Perils of Baking is a side-scrolling 2D platformer but one that has seen some improvements made in things like the controls and obviously the graphics. The game has 50 levels to play through and anyone whether you’re young or old can sit down and enjoy this much like you would a Mario game. It controls and plays very much like those games too as you’ll be moving through the levels jumping on the heads of enemies to defeat them while collecting cookies instead of coins. Collecting these gives you the ability to buy things at the shop like more health, new characters, or your baker’s hat that lets you use ranged attacks. Outside of running through the levels sometimes you’ll be swimming, flying with a balloon, or my favorite which is riding a minecart just like in Donkey Kong Country.

After every ten levels that you finish, you’ll face off in a boss fight against your evil brother who really doesn’t pose that much of a challenge. Every time that you face him his moveset will grow but I was always able to digest it pretty quickly and conquer him. Any good platformer has to have its secrets to find and Super Perils of Baking included that in their recipe. One of those things is yet another idea borrowed from Donkey Kong and that is their version of the KONG letters. Each level has a B, A, K, and E somewhere to find as well as objectives you can aim for. These include having to beat the level in under a certain time limit and beat the level without getting hit once. On top of these things there are additional playable characters to unlock and a New Game+ mode for those who want to go back and play it some more after beating it. The core game will last you a few hours but you can get quite a few more out of it if you aim to complete the above objectives and find all the secrets.

Super Perils of Baking’s art style is a nice improvement over the original with everything popping quite a bit more than it used to. There is a nice amount of variety in the levels you’ll be going through which is always appreciated so that things don’t get too samey. The soundtrack also has some cheerful and upbeat tunes to listen to that I enjoyed. Trophy hunters will find 47 trophies to collect in this game including a Platinum. The team hasn’t prepared an easy list as you’ll have to find all the secrets, complete so many levels under a certain time or without getting hit and much more. I always enjoy a list that guides you towards seeing everything a game has to offer so the team did a great job designing this one in my opinion.

Super Perils of Baking is a fun and family-friendly 2D platformer that can provide hours of enjoyment. It doesn’t do anything new really but it borrows ideas from many platformer greats to create a fun experience of its own. Even if you played the original game back in 2018, I recommend playing this one too as the team did a great job improving the look and adding enough new content to sink your teeth into.

*Super Perils of Baking is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Super Perils of Baking





  • Fun and easy to play 2D platformer for all ages
  • Has a lot of extra content you can dig into
  • Charming retro visual style and music


  • Borrows its best ideas from other games so it isn't very original
  • Some of the late levels may be too challenging for younger players
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