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As someone with a partner and child who are both as into video games as myself, I’m always on the lookout for new games that we can sit down and play together. A new party game called Squish from PM Studios and developer Grave Rave Games recently caught my eye and I got to sit down and play it a bit on the Nintendo Switch. Is this the next party game you should be adding to your rotation or is this a rave party that is better off being missed?

Squish is a game with a simple premise and one that is very easy for anyone to pick up and play. This is a multiplayer game where you’ll be playing as gooey skeletons called Skelegoos and you’ll be trying to squish the other players to be the victor. The game supports up to four players locally or online but if you don’t have local players then you may want to skip this. In the time that I’ve had the game I haven’t been able to find anyone else online to play with and there doesn’t appear to be cross-play with the PC version either. Because of that I stuck to local multiplayer with my family to see what this game had to offer, which admittedly isn’t very much.

Squish features four multiplayer modes to play along with a solo mode but more on that in a bit. Classic Crypt has you trying to squish the other players and be the last Skelegoo standing. Crystal Caves is just like the last mode except you can now die by falling off the edge as well. Space Rave is again like the other modes but now there is zero gravity letting you jump higher. Then there is Treasure Grab that has the players trying to smash treasure blocks with the winner being the one to hit 30 first. There are bronze, silver, and gold treasure blocks with each one giving a different amount of coins. I liked that this mode was different from the others but the game really needed even more variety to help keep the party going.

The game itself is easy to play with it using a two-button system. One button lets you jump while another one lets you perform a dash that can push blocks in a direction. The goal of the game in pretty much all the modes is to avoid being squished by the falling blocks raining down from the sky. Along with the standard blocks there are also hazard blocks as well like bombs that will explode and shoot in a certain direction and ice blocks that will freeze you and have you button mashing to break free. Whoever is the last player standing wins the round and when a player wins a total of three rounds, they win the match. We had quite a bit of fun jumping around and trying to push blocks to squish each other but with the limited content the game runs out of steam fast.

Not only are there only these few modes to play but there also isn’t anything to work towards. The game starts you off with an assortment of customization options to differ your look up but there is nothing else to unlock beyond that. You also can’t play any of the modes against bots so solo players will find nothing here to enjoy. There is a single solo mode in the game called Gooby Gobble but it only has you collecting goo blocks to feed to a goo creature while trying to avoid dying. The mode wasn’t much fun to me at all so I stopped playing it after a few minutes. The colorful visuals in the game look nice though and it features some pretty good particle effects. There is some nice backgrounds like a space one, a spooky forest, and others and you usually have a DJ skeleton back there pumping out the techno tunes that the game has which are also enjoyable.

Squish is an easy to pick-up and play party game with some nice visuals and tunes but it doesn’t have enough meat on its gooey bones for me to fully recommend it. There is nothing here for solo players to enjoy and it is near impossible to find anyone online to play with either. It can be fun to play it locally with other players but with only a few different modes that mostly play the same and nothing to unlock you’ll likely move on from this one pretty quickly.

*Squish is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC. Nintendo Switch version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.






  • Easy to play multiplayer party game
  • Has some nice visuals and techno music


  • No real single-player content to speak of
  • No one is playing it online
  • Limited game modes and nothing to unlock
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