Avoiding scams in online gaming in 2022

Online environments have given us countless options to improve our quality of life. Regarding leisure alternatives, online gaming is one of the sectors that has grown the most and has the greatest demand.

Online games allow you to play your favorite game from anywhere and at any time. There is a wide range of entertainment and, as with other types of fun, the fear of suffering an online scam is present among users.

The offer of gaming platforms is very wide, identifying a trustworthy site is decisive in order not to fall into possible scams. We are going to offer you a series of recommendations that will help you avoid fraudulent sites.

Different scams during an online video game:

To avoid online video game scams, you must first know how to recognize them.

1. Gift scam:

This type of scam often targets younger players as they tend to be more naive. It consists of offering or proposing a game at a low price to a user, often on an unofficial site.

These free or almost free games conceal Trojan viruses. The Trojan is legitimate-looking software that contains malicious functionality. Once downloaded, its purpose will be to sneak this malicious feature into your computer system without your knowledge. Further, it will corrupt your files and systems.

2. Fraudulent sites:

Often looking legitimate at first sight, these third-party sites offer users the opportunity to purchase additional content of any kind (accessories, outfits, weapons, skills, or a method to make money faster during the game, for example). In reality, these sites are often fraudulent and push you to buy extensions that you will never receive.

3. Fake mobile apps:

These apps look often totally like already existing legitimate apps. Once you download these bogus apps, they install malware on your devices without your knowledge. This malware allows hackers to recover information on players’ accounts. Which makes them trace back to users’ bank details, their addresses, and even their phone numbers.

4. Phishing:

It is another type of social engineering that consists of convincing the user to share their personal information relating to their account. All the hacker has to do is send fake emails asking you to confirm your identity by sending your passwords and identifiers. If you click on the links provided in the fake email, you will be redirected to a fake website where the hacker can recover your data.

5. Hacked account:

It is important not to share your account passwords and credentials with anyone when playing online. Indeed, you take a lot of risks to let a stranger access your information. Many will offer assistance to help you unlock a level, for example. But in reality, they may extract all of your personal and banking information. In case of doubt, it is advisable to use Nuwber whenever you need to find out information about some unknown person.

6. Hacking via IP address:

To achieve their goal, it is not uncommon for hackers to attack your IP address. This is your location on the Internet and is unique for each user. If hackers have access to your IP address, they can trace your physical address and even your personal information very quickly.

How to avoid scams in online games?

Look for information on specialized sites:

One of the first recommendations to offer is to search for information and data about online gaming platforms on specialized sites. Check more about their license, payment methods, rules, etc. That will let you know the suitability and safety of the different types of options that exist.

– Security certificates:

Any online environment in which there is an exchange of information or transactions must be validated using the relevant security certificates.

In this case, the SSL certification is essential to be sure that you are entering a trusted site. This type of certificate authenticates the identity of a site in addition to enabling an encrypted connection between both parties.

– License Verification:

Another very important issue is to verify that online gaming platforms have the necessary licenses to operate. It is necessary to emphasize that the mere existence of a site on the web does not mean that it is legally legitimate. Legal gaming platforms offer their license information in highly visible places for users.

– Check the payment methods:

It is a fact, that those platforms that offer the main secure payment gateways, such as PayPal, and a wide range of options can be considered a place to trust.

The subject of transactions is one of the most important, therefore, in addition to reviewing the site in question, rely on the comments and opinions of websites specialized in games.

Other methods to avoid scams in online gaming in 2022

There are other several methods to protect yourself from online video game scams:

– Preserve your identity: Favor the use of a pseudonym and an avatar when you play online. Do not disclose your personal information under any circumstances (surname, first name, identifiers, passwords, or address).

– Prefer two-factor authentication: To strengthen access to your account, it is preferable to have two pieces of identification. Most of the time, this is your password and your phone number. You will only have to enter your password when logging in, then an SMS or an email will be sent to you to confirm that it is indeed you.

– Install a VPN: a VPN allows you to benefit from enhanced protection online. A VPN also allows you to enjoy complete anonymity on the internet by concealing your IP address. In addition, as a gamer, you can also access content that is unavailable in your territory thanks to your VPN. You can select the VPNs of your choice from Forbes’s selection of the best VPNs of 2022.

– Use an antivirus: It can protect you from any viruses and malware that you may encounter while playing online.

– Use a strong password: To prevent hackers from finding your password too easily, it is recommended to create a complex password. If you don’t know how to go about it, you can also opt for a password manager.

– Secure your devices: It is important to update your devices regularly and to configure and verify your privacy settings.

– Only use official game-selling sites: Never click on unknown links. They may refer you to third-party sites.

There are fewer and fewer scams in online games, it is a sector that has been around for many years and is highly professional. All in all, before taking the step, you must have the necessary caution and precaution so as not to be tricked in the end.

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