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Hamburgers or hot dogs? We all have our preferences, right? Some of us like them the same, some of us like one more than the other. Why am I talking about this? Because JanduSoft and developer Undercoders new game Superola Champion Edition is all about a llama who has to save the world’s hamburgers from hot dogs. Here is my review of the PlayStation 5 version.

That opening sounds pretty crazy but that is exactly what the story in this game is about. Alien hotdog have come to the planet and have stolen all the hamburgers. You control a llama who loves burgers and who want take this laying down. From there, you’ll run through over 70 levels in your quest to get them back. Superola is an auto-runner platformer so you won’t control the movement but you will have to do the platforming. Movement is right to left on the screen and you need to avoid obstacles and enemies that can kill you in a single hit. You don’t just have to jump though as your llama can also shoot a deadly laser beam out of its mouth at the press of a button. This uses up your energy in the form of burgers but you can fill this back up as you play.

Superola is full of nods to other games and such with one of the earliest I noticed being the level selection map that felt straight out Super Mario World. Then there are the mini-games that you can play at times such as one that is almost a direct copy of the car destroying game from Street Fighter II. Of course, one of my favorites is the mine cart level which is a nod to Donkey Kong Country. Some people may find these things to be uninspired but I thought it was all in good fun and enjoyed them.

After finishing levels you’ll gain coins that you can use in a shop to buy new customization options or helpful power-ups that you can activate during a level. These can be things like a double jump or the ability to survive taking a single hit. There are also bonus levels you can access by buying an item. Outside of the core game you can also play a versus mode with up to four players locally and play a bonus game called Alpacas Redemption which consists of single-screen platforming levels. You start this game off with some power-ups but as you complete levels you gradually lose access to them making it tougher as it goes.

Visually the game looks pretty good with the cartoon graphics being somewhat goofy looking. You have the option to use 4K graphics or to go for something a bit more retro looking but I thought it was kind of ugly personally. Music is also enjoyable and I really had no problem with that. Trophy hunters will find 46 of them here to collect including a Platinum. Unlike some of JanduSoft’s other titles this one will actually be quite challenging to earn them all as there are some tough tasks in there.

Auto runners don’t always appeal to me when I try them but I did enjoy the time I spent with Superola Champion Edition. The premise is silly and it blatantly copies ideas from other games but for a few dollars you are getting a lot of content here to play through.

*Superola Champion Edition is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Superola Champion Edition





  • Easy to play auto runner with a lot of content
  • Colorful presentation
  • Fun nods to other properties


  • Auto-running won't appeal to everyone
  • Some may feel that it copies too much from other games
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