Best games to come out of 2022

Gone are the days of video games being enjoyed by a small demographic of nerds. The video game industry is growing bigger every year and now market analysts are predicting that it will soon eclipse the film and music industries in terms of profitability. Every year, thousands of games are released of all different kinds of genres and game types.

However, not all games are created equally. Check out our list of the best games to be released so far in 2022. What would you add to this list?

Neon White

If you have already played Neon White, then you will understand just how difficult it is to describe this engrossing game. It truly defies genres as it allows players to jump between maps, build a deck of cards, battle friends, go on demon hunting campaigns and solve puzzles. This game will truly engross you – so be prepared!

The Quarry

If you like shows such as Twin Peaks and Stranger Things, then you have probably already started playing The Quarry from Supermassive Games. The Quarry is a horror-themed game which takes place in one of the classic locations of American horror – camping in the woods.

The player can control several different camp counsellors who are all staying at the camp one extra night after the campers have left. They must fight to survive the night as things go from bad to worse. This game is so beautifully designed that you will have moments of feeling like you are watching a film while playing this game.

Citizen Sleeper

This is another interesting video game that perhaps is not for the COD fans, but for those looking for something more nuanced and narrative heavy. Citizen Sleeper is a text-heavy role-playing game in which you play a character whose conscious existence inhabits a foreign body – a machine – in space. In order to control the machines, they have built-in planned obsolescence, but if you escape from the spaceship, you may be able to free yourself and extend your lifespan.

The game forces players to think through complex situations, engage with other characters, and embrace the weight of the difficult decisions they make.

Online casino games

It may not be a particular game title, but it should certainly be noted that online casino games have completely shaken up the market in 2022. Online casino games were previously characterized by cheesy graphics and awkward game play, but these days, many of the top producers are releasing games with audio-visual effects that could rival video games from companies such as Nintendo and Microsoft.

One market in particular which has undergone a serious shake up is the German casino market. German consumers tend to have high standards and to be very particular about security and safety when using online platforms. New online casinos in Germany, for example those listed on German online casino portals at – they offer bonuses and new features and are leading the European market in terms of quality of platform and quantity of games.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is a sequel to the 2013 hit video game The Stanley Parable, which was part choose your own adventure, and part satire of narrative video games. In this game, you play an office worker who steps away from the mundane everyday life of corporate work and wanders into a mysterious hallway to follow your own choose your own adventure style experience. This game is a critique of how monetization is driving much of the innovation in the video game industry, but it is also extremely fun to play.

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – DaemonHunters

Complex Games took a classic Warhammer game and turned it into something much more interesting as there is significantly more nuance, strategy, narrative and interpersonal connection in this game than in previous Warhammer games.

An explosion of creativity

In the past, the video game industry was dominated by major producers of Nintendo, PlayStation and XBOX games. These games required consoles, were expensive and producers were only able to launch a handful of games every year.

The industry has changed drastically since then. There has been a proliferation of indie, small and niche game developers. This shift was the result of technology advancing and making it easier and cheaper than ever before to make games.

The future of the video game industry is bright as there are so many creative and passionate professionals looking for new audiences, outlets and ideas for their work.

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