All You Need to Know About Esports Betting

The esports industry is a very exciting sector that has grown many lengths over the years. Sports fans who enjoy watching live sports can enjoy online gaming as an alternative for entertainment. With the likes of Twitch, YouNow and Discord, live streaming is growing making the best betting sites for esports more popular. Below we dive into esports betting and give you all the information you will need. 

What can I bet on? 

When it comes to betting on esports, the possibilities are endless. The majority of major games can be bet on. If you enjoy Fifa, you can make a bet on a live game, alternatively, you can opt for a shooting game like Call of Duty or Fortnite. Esports has even expanded into the mobile world with games like Clash of Clans or PUBG being very popular. 

Is it legal to bet on esports?

When it comes to betting on esports, it depends on the betting laws of the country you are in. In the UK betting on esports is allowed, however in the US it is not allowed unless you are in Nevada or New Jersey. Always check the laws within the area you are staying in before betting.

How do I bet on esports? 

There isn’t really any difference between esports betting and sports betting. The main difference is that the majority of esports bets are made online, instead of visiting a store to bet. There are many stores that won’t let you bet in-store, forcing you to use the online system when making an esports bet. When choosing an online betting platform, make sure they have the correct licenses and that you have read the customer reviews. 

What types of bets can I make? 

Similar to our answer above, the bets you make when betting on esports are very similar to those that are made when betting on live sporting occasions. An example would be betting on Fifa results. You could bet on the result, how many corners, throwings, players to score, yellow and red cards etc. 

The difference comes when you are betting on battle royale games like Fortnite or Call of Duty. Here you can still bet on the winner, however, broader bets will be available like kill streaks, how many kills, the last people standing etc. 

What can I win? 

When betting on esports, different odds will be available depending on the event you are betting on. Therefore, it’s hard to say what you will win. The more likely the result is to happen, the lower the odds will be. The least likely it is to happen the more you can win, but you are risking losing your money as it’s less likely to happen. Always check the odds on different sites before betting as they can vary depending on the site you are using. 

Will you be betting on any esports games in the future? What esports game do you like to watch? Are there any questions that you would like answers to that we have missed? Let us know in the comment box below.

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