Neon White Review: It’s all about speed and action

Neon White is one of the year’s top games and a first-person shooter/puzzle platformer. You can feel the presence of influences from other games, but its feel is unique. Not everything works out as planned, with the story’s gradual development delaying the gameplay’s fast pacing. However, this doesn’t do anything to lessen the pure, unadulterated joy that comes from navigating each of its 97 flawlessly designed stages.

Neon White is a speed-running shooter game. You take on the role of the titular character, who has been sent to Hell but has been granted the opportunity to enter Heaven if he can purge it of the demons that have taken over. 

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The objective is to make it to the finish line as swiftly as possible as you glide, jump, and fire your way through various celestial arenas. This might sound as easy, but believe us, it isn’t. Even though most of the levels are completed in less than 30 seconds, this brief sprint proves to be so alluring. The challenge in Neon White is determining the optimal path through each level so that you may save time and obtain better medals and rewards. It is rarely tough to complete a level.

Soul Cards is an ingenious mechanic to help you pursue success. You can access a variety of weaponry through these limited pickups and discard them to use special powers on occasion. For instance, the Fireball card works like a shotgun, allowing you to fire a potent blast that is most effective up close.

The skills of other Soul Cards, such as long-range rifles, SMGs, and others, provide you with extra options for mobility and offence. You can only store two unique Soul Cards simultaneously to prevent being overwhelmed. Still, you can add up to three to increase your arsenal and give you more opportunities to use these auxiliary powers.

As you become more adept at switching and dumping Soul Cards on the fly, Neon White does an excellent job of getting you into its fast-paced rhythm. Early on, juggling a couple at once is all you have to worry about, but soon you’ll be using the powers of five or six throughout a single level.

Naturally, the controls are tremendously responsive and precise, and Neon White’s incredible level design also helps with how well everything works. Intentionally minimalistic, the appealing art style directs your gaze with the positioning of enemies and splashes of colour. 

Most of the levels may appear straightforward at first. Still, they are layered and challenging, requiring you to combine Soul Card abilities with lethal blows and quick platforming as the ground gives way beneath you, enemies lock on you, and exploding barrels launch you into the air. 

Final Words

From a gameplay standpoint, Neon White is a captivating execution of an intriguing concept. It is also stylish and delightful. There is nothing else like it, and failing to at least try it would be a major mistake on your part.

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