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If you’ve been enjoying the classic retro games that Ratalaika Games has been porting to modern platforms such as Gynoug, Gleylancer, and Moto Roader MC then they’ve got another one for you. Together with City Connection, they have brought back the 1991 classic Jaleco arcade title Avenging Spirit.

Avenging Spirit’s story begins with a man and his girlfriend enjoying a leisurely walk together only for things to take a dire turn. Criminals appear and kidnap the girlfriend and then shoot you ending your life. Luckily, you become a ghost and together with your girlfriend’s scientist father, work together to rescue her. The game consists of six stages to play through where you’ll be having to possess the bodies of enemies. There are four to choose from out the outset of the game and they range from robots, gangsters, commandos, ninjas, vampires, and more. If at any point the person you are in control of dies you are put back into your ghost form and will have to find another body to take over before your on-screen energy bar depletes. Should that happen you will consume a continue in order to keep playing.

The game is relatively simple to play and can be done so solo or in local co-op with a friend. There are tons of enemies in the game and I liked how each playable character felt different from others whether it be their attacks or how they moved. Some characters are faster or have better jumping ability. Some characters like the commando use guns while others like the wizard use magic. Honestly the best thing about the game is just trying all of these different wacky characters out. Whether it be your characters or the enemies, all of them feature great animation work in their facial expressions and look in general. If you’re worried about the difficulty, I wouldn’t say it’s overly tough but you can find yourself dying a lot if you aren’t careful. Some of that is down to the limited field of view you have and some of it is down to some tricky parts in the boss fights.

The game itself isn’t very long though as you can finish it in probably an hour or less. There are some hidden keys scattered about that if you collect them all gets you a different ending and of course you can keep playing to try and get better scores. The team also included some helpful features such as save states, a rewind function to get yourself out of mistakes, screen filters and more. If you’re a trophy hunter you’ll find 14 trophies in the game including a Platinum. It’s another easy list from Ratalaika as you’ll just have to beat the game, find the keys, and attain some certain score goals to earn them all.  

Avenging Spirit is a fun retro arcade game but one that you likely won’t be spending much time with. It isn’t expensive so I don’t mind the length too much but if you’re expecting to get hours of unique content out of this you won’t. You’ll get to kill enemies as dragons, vampires, ninjas, and more while trying to save your girlfriend and then you’ll likely head off for some new adventure. If that sounds alright with you then give this one a shot.

*Avenging Spirit is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Avenging Spirit





  • Fun possession mechanic
  • Lots of wacky characters to play as
  • Good looking art style with some funny animations


  • Very short game
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