Is It Possible To Use Gambling Sites Safely In Malaysia?

Malaysia is renowned for its extravagant gambling premises and is home to some of the world’s most luxurious casino hotels. That being said, is online betting possible in Malaysia or is it strictly limited to brick and mortar casinos to have some gaming fun?

Gambling Laws In Malaysia

Gambling laws in Malaysia aren’t as straightforward as in other countries, in fact, gambling in Malaysia, for the most part, is illegal. Since Malaysia comprises mostly Muslim residents and according to sharia law gambling is strictly prohibited. That means tourists will not get prosecuted for gambling online or at luxurious casino hotels.

Both sports wagering and casino gaming are considered illegal in Malaysia and yet still online gaming is super popular.

How To Gamble Safely Online In Malaysia

Didn’t we just specify how online gaming, whether sports betting or casino fun is illegal? Well yes but no, let’s clarify. It’s illegal to operate said business in Malaysia, which means the bookie or casino site cannot be operating from Malaysia.

Enter the offshore gaming sites. Offshore gaming sites essentially are sites that operate from a different country hence the term offshore. These sites operate in a legal loophole which allows them to provide players in Malaysia the opportunity to game without hassles of law. This is essential if you’re looking to enjoy some slot machine fun as slot machines are quite rare in Malaysia.

In order to enjoy online gaming fun, we must first find a good gaming site. In order to source the top online gambling sites in Malaysia it’s essential to use gaming review sites where one can not only find information on the top casinos but also comparisons between them. This allows users to decide which site is best suited for their needs.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Gaming Site In Malaysia

Whether sports wagering or casino gaming fun here are a few factors one should consider when deciding between gaming sites.

Site Security

Today in our digital era of living, data has become a viable asset that can be used in a number of ways, some innocent and others with more malicious intentions. Today even deleted Tiktok content can still be used against you by the FBI and other agencies. It’s essential to make sure the site of choice takes your data seriously and sites that do not should strictly be avoided at all costs!

In order to make sure the sites use at least basic encryption techniques, one can look out for SSL encryption which is the global encryption standard. One can check for SSL by simply visiting the site and checking the left side of the web link, if one can see a locked grey padlock the site is using up-to-date SSL encryption.

Gaming Licence

Just as important as site security is the gaming licence of said site. It’s essential to make sure the gaming site has a licence from a high gaming authority. Sites that do indeed have gaming licences will make sure to showcase the licence badge. These badges are a sure way of making sure the site offers fair and transparent gaming.

Gaming authorities don’t hand out licence badges to anyone either and as such gaming sites looking to prove their trustworthiness must go through scrutinous and frequent background checks from the authority sites. This is to ensure the gaming site is constantly offering fair gaming and not simply to achieve the licence.

Like sites with bad security, gaming sites without licences should be avoided, in fact, offshore betting sites tend to have a bad reputation for being scamming sites. This is due to many gamers not checking for gaming licences and end up wagering on sites with unfair gaming or even worse scammer sites.

Games/ Sports Options

Although not as important as the previous steps mentioned, a good gaming site should offer a wide range of game titles of sports wagering options. Playstation has nailed this down with their subscription service that offers constant new titles. The PlayStation plus game catalog titles for August 2022 has been revealed as a matter of fact and subscriptions as a result increased.

Online gaming sites understand this all too well and as a result, the top gaming sites will have an unbelievable range of titles to choose from. Having more options means you can enjoy different varieties of gaming fun. That being said, many sites will offer a large variety of specific games, for example, a site that focuses most of its games around different poker options.


When choosing a gaming site always make sure to follow the steps above. It’s also essential that when gaming online in Malaysia we recommend the use of a VPN service to further protect yourself from malicious eyes and it’s also recommended to not game in public spaces. Since gaming is still condemned in Malaysia locals do not take too kindly to tourists indulging in gaming.

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