Super Bullet Break Review

If you’re looking for a new game with a wild premise let me introduce you to Super Bullet Break from publisher PQube and developer BeXide. It’s a casual yet challenging deck builder with roguelike elements where online games are at risk of being destroyed and you need to save them. Here is my review of the PlayStation 4 version.

The story in Super Bullet Break is all about a world where online games are being hacked into and broken by anime girls called Singulaladies. They hack into a game and corrupt the AI leading to the game being ruined. To help stop this, an AI named Nayuta recruits three pro gamer ladies named Hikaru, Sumire, and Akari to go into these game worlds and help put a stop to the Singulaladies. The story is really just a set dressing to get you into collecting and fighting with these anime waifus so outside of that initial premise I really didn’t pay much attention to it.

There are multiple games in Super Bullet Break for you to fix with each one being made up of several levels that end in a boss fight. If you have experience with games in the deck building genre then you probably will feel comfortable here but if you don’t the game does a very poor job of explaining anything to you. There is a manual in the options that you can read through but I wish there was actual tutorial segments built into the game to make things go more smoothly. In order to battle your opponents, you’ll have to form a deck of bullets (what they are called instead of cards in this game) with each bullet being some time of anime girl. As you would expect, most of the girls are designed to be sexy with them being in suggestive poses and outfits so if you’re into that kind of thing there is plenty of that type of content here. Each bullet in your deck has different effects and best uses and you are able to see what your opponent is going to do next. This lets you plan your attacks better and figure out how to best use your bullets to account for their upcoming move. I wouldn’t say the gameplay here does anything new but I had fun with it nonetheless.

When you’re not in a battle you’ll be on a map you have to navigate with various points of different types. Some are text events, some are shops where you can stock up on new bullets or helpful items, some are healing points which are always helpful, some are treasure chests that reward you with items, and others are battles. Every map ends in a boss fight that will really challenge you so always be prepared going into it. In fact the game in general is very challenging which is partly helped by the fact that it doesn’t explain a lot like I said earlier. I lost fights a lot here while trying to figure out good strategies so expect a challenge for sure.

As for the audio and visuals it’s all fine but nothing spectacular. The artwork is good but how much you enjoy it again comes down to whether you want to look at anime girls of various ages dressed in revealing outfits. There are bits of Japanese voice acting at times and the music is bubbly but besides that I don’t have much to say about it. Trophy hunters will find 12 trophies in the game but sadly no Platinum to earn. Most of them are straightforward like beating all the games and collecting all the bullets.

Super Bullet Break is fun deck builder but one that is very challenging and doesn’t teach the player very well. There are a ton of bullets to collect and test out different strategies with but expect to fail quite a lot along the way. If you like the genre, the challenge, or just want another game with anime waifus in it then Super Bullet Break is a pretty good deal for the price.

*Super Bullet Break is available now on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. PlayStation 4 version reviewed. Review copy provided by PQube for this review.

Super Bullet Break





  • Solid deck building mechanics and gameplay
  • Dozens and dozens of bullets to collect and build your deck with
  • Tons of fan service for those who enjoy it


  • Lack of tutorials could leave you feeling lost
  • Difficulty can be a bit much at times
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