The Last of Us Part 1’s Trophy List Leaked and It’s Far Easier than the Original

The Last of Us Part 1 trophy list has appeared online ahead of the game’s release on September 2 and it appears to be much easier than the original.

The Last of Us Part 1 has 29 trophies in total but has removed most of the harder ones. Since the remake doesn’t have the Factions multiplayer mode all of those trophies are naturally gone but any trophies related to difficulties and new game+ have also been removed. The original game required you to play through multiple times but now you could play through on the easiest difficulty and earn all the trophies in one go.

Most of the trophies are related to collectibles and finishing both Part 1 and the Left Behind DLC. For some reason the trophy for fully upgrading Joel with supplements has also been removed. There are also a handful of new trophies related to performing certain actions in the game like riding an elevator with Sam and Henry, petting Buckley the dog, and a few others.

Overall, the platinum should be obtainable for pretty much everyone now especially since you can likely use the new accessibility features during your playthrough just like you could in The Last of Us: Part II. What do you think of the easier trophy list? Let us know in the comments.

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