Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire Review

It’s been a little over two months since eastasiasoft and developer Zoo Corporation released an entry in the Pretty Girls series so you knew we were due for one. The team’s newest title Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire just released this past week and you can read on for my review of the PlayStation 5 version.

With this being another Pretty Girls Solitaire game, you might be wondering what exactly is different about it from prior entries. You will once again be stacking cards to some chill music while anime girls with rather large chests speak the occasional Japanese line to you but the rules are a bit different this time. Four Kings borrows the Calculation rulebook which means that you are given four stacks of cards and each one has to be stacked to King differently. The first pile operates like you would expect with you starting from one and going up each number to King. The other piles increase by one each however which means the second pile has to start at two and go up by two each time so you would need a four for your second card. The third pile operates by threes and the fourth pile by fours. You do this thirteen times for each pile until all of them end up on King.

Cards are drawn from the deck one at a time and you can either place the drawn card on one of the four piles if it fits somewhere or you can move it onto one of the spots on the table. This lets you hold on to the card until you need it but you only have so many free spots on the table and this varies based on which difficulty you are playing on. Cards can be stacked on the table but you can only play the top card from a stack so any under will be stuck there until you remove the top ones. The game does come with some helpful cheats though that allow you to do different things like shuffle the cards on the table back into the deck, draw five cards at once instead of one, or move a certain card from the table onto one of the decks where it fits. They are helpful abilities for sure and should be useful when you’re in a bind.

As you finish levels, you’ll gradually unlock new girls with there being eight in total and new outfits for them. There are only two outfits for each girl though so there really isn’t a ton to unlock here and you’ll likely have it all within a couple hours of playing. There is a diorama mode once again where you can choose a background along with a girl and her outfit to view them but with there not being much variety, I can’t see anyone spending long doing this at all. Trophy hunters are always one of the targeted audiences for games from eastasiasoft and they’ll once again find an easy list here. There are 12 trophies in total including a Platinum and all you’ll have to do is beat a certain number of levels on easy, medium, and hard.

Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire is another solid entry in the Pretty Girls line of titles and the new ruleset does help it feel different from the rest. It requires a bit more skill and planning in order to come out on top. The rest of the package is a bit slim on the offerings with there not being a ton to unlock and keep you playing. Still, if you’ve enjoyed these casual card games in the past and feel like spending a couple hours with a new one then you’ll likely enjoy your time with it.

*Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire





  • Casual card game with a Solitaire ruleset we don't always see
  • Useful cheats to help when in a tough spot
  • Fan service characters


  • Slim on unlockables and replay value
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