The Best Gifts for Each Kind of Gamer

Whether preferring PC, console, or phone games, there are plenty of things that all gamers have in common. Whether it be a love for escapism, a competitive streak or an interest in the technological. But there are some key differences in how each type of gamer enjoys their games, and therefore the ideal gift will depend on their preference. That’s why we’ve put together a handy little guide based on the platform the gamer in your life plays on. 

Computer Gamers

Often considered the most serious kind of gaming, and the best according to Business Insider, PC gaming is a widely popular type of gaming. But what should you buy for a PC gamer? They probably already have their perfect headset and their favourite monitor, and you can certainly go wrong by buying the wrong kind of game. So, ignoring the obvious Steam gift card, your best bet is to go niche. A high-quality mouse pad, velcro cables ties to clear up messy cables or an air duster to clear off those forever crumb-ridden keyboards. Though an organised set-up isn’t top of most gamers’ priorities, it certainly won’t go unappreciated. 

Also great for PC gamers is some kind of tech survival kit, as suggested by ExpressVPN, which provides all the essentials for technological disasters. Though, this is actually a great gift for any kind of gamer in your life and can be personalised depending on their needs. Whether including a portable hotspot for the phone gamer in your life, a mini screwdriver kit for the more PC-based gamer, or a set of emergency cables for those who need to keep their consoles charged. The best gift is a working game.

Console Gamers

PS5, Xbox, and the Nintendo Wii: console games are where most of us first dipped our toes into gaming, and they are also the games that surged in popularity over lockdown, according to The Guardian. With that in mind, there are going to be plenty of new console gamers out there who would appreciate an extra controller or a fun new game. But for those seasoned console lovers, a cute console holder wouldn’t go far a miss, or if you’re thinking more practically, a good quality speaker is going to improve every single gaming experience. 

Phone Gamers

And finally, the often overlooked gamers. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a quick game on the bus to work, or spending a few more hours than intended glued to Candy Crush in bed. But unlike other gamers, phone gamers often have little to no gaming setup, making a gift centred around comfort your best bet. A pop socket ring to make a phone easier to hold, a portable charger for when the battery inevitably runs down, or a plug-in controller for if they want to take it to the next level. 

End Note

The most meaningful gift is one that the gamer will actually use, not the one you spend the most money on. So, with that in mind, ask what’s missing from their setup, and you can’t go wrong from here!

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