Why familiarity is important in casino games

Head to any online casino right now and look at the games on offer. What you will likely see is a selection of titles running into the thousands – or at least several hundred – where many of the titles will offer some mix of intrigue, excitement and originality. And that’s no bad thing, of course – variety is a good thing to have – but when you first visit an online casino, there is a lot to be said for seeking out the games you are familiar with.

We’ll explain more on why that is in a moment, but first it is worth pointing out that familiarity doesn’t necessarily mean absolute recognition. You don’t need to have played a game before to find familiarity in it. It simply means that you want to pick a game that has that comforting ring of recognition about it. That can be a simple table game like roulette or a slot game that is based on a TV show or film you like. When you visit a casino like Cloudbet, it’s good to be on the lookout for a game that you feel comfortable with.

Why familiarity breeds contentment

All casino games have a learning curve, and the first time you play them there will always be a somewhat enhanced risk of making an error you’ll regret. It could be that you mistakenly make a bigger bet than you intended to because the game interface is confusing, or it could be that you were distracted by some element of the layout. Everyone makes mistakes, but anything that limits those mistakes is always to be welcomed when you’re playing games for money.

If you already understand the rules, you’re a step ahead

In a game like Roulette, you’ll know the rules before you play (or you can at least find a primer which will get you up to speed in a few minutes). If you play a more niche game like Deal or No Deal, it’s probable that you will have seen the TV show and you’ll be familiar with how the game is played. In a casino game, you’ll always have a very limited degree of control because the casino decides your fate. But the more familiar you are with a game, the more control you can wrestle back from them.

The fewer things you have to focus on, the better

Familiarity with a game means that you’ll know what you need to keep an eye on. Ideally, the fewer things you need to factor in, the better. When you’re looking at the game in front of you, there should be as few surprises as possible. All you really want to be thinking is “How much am I betting, how much can I win and what is the status of my bankroll?”. If you have to add “Wait, what’s that?” to those questions, you’re already being distracted from what really matters. Once you’ve found your feet on the initial few games of your choice, you can choose more on the basis of reputation and potential to win – but to begin with, stick to what you’re comfortable with.

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