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Indie publisher Eastasiasoft’s latest title is another physics-based puzzle platformer called Maggie the Magnet from developer Khud0. This is the same developer behind other titles that Eastasiasoft put out such as Blow & Fly and Grizzland. Is Maggie the Magnet worth a few dollars of your time?

Maggie the Magnet doesn’t feature much of a story at all and instead just throws you into the thick of things. There are 150 levels here to conquer and you will likely die a lot as they are full of hazardous objects. The mechanic that this game is built around is that you control it with just one button. Using this button, you fling your magnet around the single-screen levels by having it get attracted to another magnet. Sometimes this other magnet is still while other times it will be moving which makes things more difficult.

Levels are full of other things you have to avoid while flinging your magnet such as electricity waves, spikes, fans, and more. The goal in each one is to collect three gears and make it to goal and then move onto the next level. Outside of that there isn’t much more to the levels as it’s really all about mastering the magnetic movement. The only other thing to really look out for is some secret levels you can unlock and play.

Visually the game doesn’t impress as I feel like I’ve seen this same style from an eastasiasoft published game over and over by now. It has different colored backgrounds and they seem to change with the music which is neat I guess. Trophy hunters will have a good time with this one as it has 21 trophies including a Platinum. It’s another easy list and like a lot of this publisher’s games you won’t even have to come close to beating the whole game to earn them all.

Maggie the Magnet is a cheap and pleasant physics-based puzzle game that can provide some short-term enjoyment. It will mainly be geared towards those who enjoy these small bite-sized casual games as anyone else will likely want a bit more out of it.

*Maggie the Magnet is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Maggie the Magnet





  • Casual puzzle game that will challenge you
  • Good amount of levels to play through for the price


  • Visual design is kind of boring
  • One button mechanic may annoy some players
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