History and Future of Gaming Streaming (What’s Next?)

Only a decade ago live video game streaming would be difficult to imagine. But today it is no longer surprising. So, the question is, where did it all start? Who came up with the idea to stream a gameplay to a wider audience? And what can we expect in the future?

Origins of game streaming

Since game streaming is a fairly new thing, many can well remember the period before it started. Back then, playing video games was a private thing. It was a popular form of leisure or relaxation after returning home. In some cases, friends could also join the games. Games with a multiplayer function could be played by two or more people.

In an attempt to respond to the public’s interest, television began to integrate video games into TV shows. Challenges given to famous people to overcome one or another stage of a video game started to become popular. Similar initiatives were started to be implemented in events.

Felix Chelberg, who founded the well-known PewDiePie YouTube channel today, was convinced of the success of this idea. Having persistently engaged in game streaming for three years in a row, he achieved success that continues to this day. As he contributed a lot to the game streaming, Felix is often called the godfather of video game streaming.

However, it is important to note that Felix Chelberg’s streams were not live at the beginning. They were pre-recorded. But as technology has come through, things kept changing until, with the birth of Twitch.tv, it began to run in real time. On the one hand, this gives more satisfaction to the spectators, but at the same time creates difficulties for the players. Playing, commenting and responding to questions or reactions from the audience is an extremely challenging task.

Increasingly growing industry of gaming streaming

Video gaming streaming has reached record highs since the start of the pandemic. It was one of the most popular remote entertainments during the period when there were no events and cinemas, concert halls and sports competitions were closed to the public. What else is there to do when you are at home for months?

This period was almost ideal for gaming streamers. However, it was not without some problems. The increased interest of the audience created competition, which encouraged the use of cyber-attacks. IP leaks, DDos attacks, swatting, streaming phishing scams and other were the factors that forced the search for quick online security measures. The most reliable of them was a Virtual Private Network.

But do streamers really use VPNs? It is difficult to say that all streamers use VPN services. However, those streamers who have a large following have a special interest in their online security. Therefore, they use the services of a Virtual Private Network for sure. In this way, they protect sensitive personal information and their accounts from possible cyber-attacks.

A quick glance to the future: what to expect?

If not so long ago, streaming might have seemed like child’s play, today it is one of the most promising areas of the video game industry. Over the past year, this field has almost shot to unexpected heights and achieved more than expected. Therefore, predicting what awaits us in the future is quite difficult.

Nevertheless, Virtual reality might be one of the technologies that will be included in the development of video gaming streaming in the future. Such innovation would provide an absolutely new experience for the audience and would undoubtedly reach great success.

There are also predictions that PlayStation patented technology allowing the audience to jump into a game and in this way to switch from an observer to active participant, will be implemented in gaming streaming. This would be an incredible innovation that could potentially contribute to the growth of streaming popularity. Also, streams are expected to get more opportunities to be monetized. It is not yet clear what exactly these methods could be. However, observing the general trends of the gaming industry, it is simply inevitable.

Bearing in mind that the gaming industry is changing and improving so quickly, we can be sure that we will not have to wait long for the aforementioned improvements. Let the innovations surprise us!

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