How To Cashout Your CSGO Skins

When Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was launched in 2013, all weapons, knives, and gloves looked the same with no distinction from the original models. 

A year later, Valve Corp. decided to introduce the first skins with the “Arms Deal” update. Currently, this trend became a multi-million market mostly based on case openings, gambling games, and CSGO skin trading sites.

In this article, you will understand how to cash out your CS:GO skins on third-party websites. 

Why CSGO Players Cannot Cashout Skins Directly from Steam?

The original method to purchase CS:GO skins is the Steam Market, which allows you to deposit real cash with a variety of payment methods and exchange the money for credits.

These credits can be used to pay for game modes, software, and skins  purchased directly on Steam. The funds deposited in your account are part of your “Steam Wallet,” which is a tool created to facilitate the whole process.

Unlike virtual wallets such as PayPal, all funds deposited to Steam are immediately converted to virtual credits to ensure the platform’s status as a non-digital bank or payment processing tool.

Before the seven-day-trade lock was implemented by Valve, the same CS:GO skin could be traded countless times without any restriction. 

However, as the CS:GO skin market grew more and more evident, the industry started to get plagued by malicious actors and criminals. The “bad guys” started to rely on skins for money laundering, as these virtual assets are not regulated and Steam had no KYC verifications back then.

The Rise of CSGO Cashout Sites

Soon, hackers, fraudsters, drug dealers, and scammers were plundering the system and using CS:GO skins to wash “dirty money” based on this prosperous virtual economy.

As a response to this extreme situation, Valve Corp. and Steam imposed restrictions that precluded all users from cashout skins directly on the official platform. 

As the free market always has the answer, members of the CS:GO community reacted with the creation of third-party marketplaces where skins can be traded freely. Outside Steam’s intervention, these websites allow anyone to cash out skins rapidly and securely. 

Based on the Steam Trade URL and API and considering both are publicly available, several websites started to create instant tools to permit skin owners to transfer items from their inventories and exchange them for real cash.

Several factors can influence the sales price of skin withdrawn through a cashout site, such as the seller’s urgency, the rarity and quality of the item, the presence of valuable stickers, and other aspects.

How To Cashout Your CSGO Skins – Looking Closer

In exchange for a small commission, a CS:GO cashout platform allows you to indulge in instant withdrawals in the form of real cash deposited on the user’s debit card, virtual wallet (e.g., PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc.), or cryptocurrencies. All you need to do is to follow this easy set of steps: 

  1. Visit a reputable skin cashout site of your choice
  2. Register or sign up using your Steam account
  3. Make sure your profile Trade URL is set to “Public”
  4. Connect to the cashout site
  5. Choose the most convenient payment method for withdrawals
  6. Access your inventory and choose the skins you want to exchange for real cash
  7. Select the chosen skins from your inventory
  8. Click on  “Trade,” Sell”, or another option used to sell the skins

Within seconds, the platform’s trading bot will create a sell order. Once the transaction is completed, you can easily cash out the amount paid for the selected skins.

The money will be credited to your account balance through the payment method chosen at the beginning of the process. While this article is focused on CS:GO skins, these websites also allow users to cash out skins from Dota 2, Rust, TF 2, and other major eSports leagues.

Cashing Out Your CSGO Skins 

A CS:GO cashout site will never require any level of IT savvy or superior programming skills. No matter how inexperienced you might be, you will have no problem cashing out CS:GO skins on third-party sites. 

In essence, these websites operate as a proxy between Steam and third-party marketplaces. Keep in mind that independent skin cashouts are not endorsed by Steam. 

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