Let the celebrations begin with the TOP RTP in iGaming – up to 99.02%

Time flies when you are having fun and thankfully there’s even more fun to come as we celebrate our 3rd anniversary! To see out our anniversary in style, we’re offering the very best RTP on all our in house games! RTP that puts us at the top of the industries league table. In addition, you are able to see eRTP including bonuses in all In-house Games and Slots on the platform. Want to join in on the fun? Then let’s dive on in to all of the changes below?

What is the RTP?

In simple words, RTP (Return to Player) is the percentage of crypto from bets that is returned to the player. The higher the RTP, the more crypto you will receive. For example, with 90% RTP and total wager of $100, you are likely to get back $90 or more. In addition, the RTP will now be displayed next to each game, and you can easily choose what to play based on your strategy. Read more details about RTP and check out the article about Volatility in online casino games to be a master of the game theory.

What’s about eRTP?

eRTP (Effective RTP) is a value that is related to the RTP and displays the total returning amount, summing up the bonuses as well. All bonuses depend on your current Rank. The percentage of eRTP is affected by Rakeback, FuryCharge, Cashback, and an amount of mined BFG.

New RTP on BetFury

We promise the very highest of RTPs, well here they are… The value of RTP in all In-house games increases up to 99.02%! Here are the RTPs in our games:

In-house eRTP up to 99.44%

It is logical that the eRTP, which depends on the RTP, will also increase. In total you will receive from 95.42% to 99.45% of your wager back! Depending on your Rank and chosen games the eRTP will be:

  • eRTP for games with 99.02% RTP: from 99.07% to 99.44%
  • eRTP for games with 99% RTP: from 99.05  to 99.43%
  • eRTP for games with 98.2% RTP: from 98.25% to 98.63%

💡 Check RTP and eRTP in each game by clicking the (i) button on the game cover or inside the game.

The increase in RTP affected the update of Rakeback, FuryCharge, and the mining price in In-house Games. However, getting bonuses and mining BFG is just as easy as winning on BetFury. You can check how bonuses are credited to you in the info popup of each individual bonus.

Therefore, significant RTP increase is a unique opportunity for all players and owners of cryptocurrencies to increase their assets while playing favorite In-house Games. Don’t let the fun stop here, feel free to keep on celebrating with the Birthday Party and test your luck with the updated games on BetFury!

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