Review of the game Knock of the coffin lid

The indie project of the roguelike deckbuilder genre – Knock of the coffin lid has released new updates.

Knock of the coffin lid ( is a game with a deep story.

The mysterious wanderer Mortis arrives at the crypt and knocks one of the 3 coffins – and so begins a fascinating story…

A game in which the player will have to try on different roles. Who do you want to be: a strong knight, a werewolf, or maybe a brave girl? You are surrounded by an excellent external structure: chunky drunken dwarves, blue-eared elves, and other inhabitants of this land. Oh yes, they’re all perfectly drawn!


Events unfold so quickly, many questions arise, and the game doesn’t give answers, only hints at them. Be prepared so that you won’t get all the answers. There is a mystery lurking here. You have to be extremely attentive – only you have time to think about the existing tasks, as new ones immediately appear.

Why do dwarves and elves hate each other? Why were dwarves and elves made a brutal massacre, and from the steppes hordes of orcs attacked? Why was the country plunged into chaos? And who is Mortis and what is his motivation? But you will succeed. You will be able to solve the mystery of your death and find out what happened to the world.

Be prepared, each character’s death leads to his rebirth, and the journey begins again. No items or experience are left behind, unlike other game-roguelikes. All you get out of the past attempt are general reactions to events. It does sound interesting, doesn’t it?

Knock of the coffin lid combines card battles and map travel. You get straight to the main boss while killing orcs, Fire Cult fanatics, and other troublemakers. There are five card categories in the game: talent, attack and skill, state, and a curse. Although at first glance they look similar, the differences are enormous. It’s up to you to figure this out.

The game is a very seriously thought-out combat system. Be ready to calculate your every fight. The way to your goal may be more than one. How you implement conceived, will depend on the events with the main character, as well as different types of enemies.

The user will need to collect decks, try on combinations of items, and learn a character to use his strengths in the battle with the bosses. And the most important thing to remember is that every choice counts. The riddle of killing the lord is hidden at the end of the journey as is the fate of each character. I think you’ve figured out that there are a lot of complexities waiting for you, which will only take over your mind.

It’s worth noting that users actively praise the game for its gameplay, frankness, and even toughness. The game has received high marks on numerous occasions. For example, Indie Cup20 Critics’ Choice Award events, Indie cup’21 Nominations Best PC Game, Best Audio, Best Art, People’s Choice, Indie Blast 2021 Best Gameplay, and Best PC Game Xsolla singled out Knock of the coffin lid.

It’s a worthy game. This kind of balance is extremely rare. There is a beautiful visual and a fascinating and addictive story. Many people have noted that this project combines different mechanics in each character. For example, the second Bjorn character makes the game more tactical and brings new strategies. The combination of genre roguelike gameplay, atmospheric dark fantasy visuals, and a fascinating story – creates an interesting cocktail, that you want to try. It’s hard to tear yourself away from the adventure.

The game is compared to a lot of card doughnuts, but it vividly feels the spirit of Dark Souls, and in some places reminiscent of Darkest Dungeon. This game may seem complicated if you discover the roguelike cards genre recently. But in the next update in November, the developers promise to fix some difficulties.

Knock of the coffin lid offers its fantasy world and its view on the development of the genre. The game combines an elaborate story and an addictive plot. Beautiful visuals and the most interesting mechanics are so important to the player.

Among the minuses, there are some shortcomings with the balance of individual events, and still, there are bugs. Where without bugs in indie projects. But it’s weightless compared to the dignity of the game.

Knock of the coffin lid is available on PC. In addition, the game has a support page for those who are ready to support the project.

Learn new things and join the game. You’re sure to love it!

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