Street Fighter 6 Beta is Out – And We Love It

Capcom had a private beta test for Street Fighter 6 over the past weekend, and it appears and feels fantastic. This was one of the most fully-featured beta assessments we’ve witnessed, and that’s saying a lot considering these tournaments are typically used to just evaluate the game’s netcode and servers before they go live. The appearance of the game is astounding, the netcode is excellent, and there is a ton of learning support that will please both veteran and casual gamers. In fact, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that Street Fighter 6’s beta added as much material as Street Fighter 5 did when it was released.

Capcom’s signature title Street Fighter has sold 48 million copies worldwide as of June 2022, making it one of the greatest video game trademarks in history. With a total revenue of $12.2 billion, which include sales of 500,000 arcade machines, it is the most successful fighting game series produced in existence. Since its inception in 1987, the series has spawned a total of six main games, several spin-offs and crossovers, and countless additional public appearances. Many of the standards of the one-on-one combat genre were set by its best-selling 1991 title, Street Fighter II. There was a lot of success with the brand’s merchandising and collectables in addition to the games, and the fan base continued to expand. As a result of its meteoric rise in popularity, iGaming behemoth NetEnt introduced a branded Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot into the online casino world, which unsurprisingly went straight up along the charts among fast withdrawal casinos in the UK.

With Street Fighter 6 being divided between the open-world single-player World Tour, the more conventional Fighting Ground, and the online-focused Battle Hub, it appears like Capcom will have enough opportunity to dodge the very same mistakes that plagued the series in the past. The Battle Hub was a major focus of the latest beta, and while at first glance this characteristic may seem like an endeavour at a Street Fighter metaverse (players create avatars who compete at and can be rebutted by simulated arcade cabinets), it generally stays much closer to the arcade origins of the fighting gaming world.

Followers of the esports industry or of certain content creators will appreciate the added sense of community provided by the ability to visit a lobby and observe these lads in front of digital consoles. This is more often connected with offline scenes than the somewhat antiseptic realm of online combat games. Players may also issue challenges to them in games if they’re feeling really bold. It’s a pity that, upon full release, gamers may opt to only compete against other star players in closed sessions, but it was still fun to see during the beta what it might have been.

In addition, if you didn’t feel like being bucked by Problem X, you could still use your in-game cash to buy some new outfits for your character, or you might play some old-school Capcom arcade games on one of the dedicated booths. In the beta, you could play games like Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Final Fight, and the fantastic Magic Sword, all of which rotated out at midnight each day. One indication of the breadth of high-quality material Street Fighter 6 hopes to provide is the presence of a rolling series of Capcom arcade screamers in the corner of each and every multiplayer lobby.

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