Will Resident Evil 4 be the Best Game of 2023?

Gamers all over the world were ecstatic when they heard the news that Resident Evil 4 would be getting the reboot treatment. When the original title was released in 2005, it earned a multitude of Game of the Year awards and sold more than 11 million copies.

Often referred to as one of the top games of all time, it is exciting to imagine what a remake will look like on the advanced consoles available today. There’s even a chance that it could go on to win some Game of the Year awards in 2023.

Remaking one of the Best

Resident Evil 4 isn’t just thought of as one of the best Resident Evil games, it’s also up there with the greatest games ever made in any genre. This was a ground-breaking title in the Capcom franchise as well, as it moved away from the slow style of the earlier games to a more action-based offering with dynamic shooting action.

The unfortunate thing for gamers at the time was that it was only available for the Nintendo GameCube, meaning that a lot of people didn’t have access to it. IGN has confirmed that the reboot will be coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S, so it will be accessible to a much vaster range of people. This gives it a chance of being even more successful than its predecessor.

Capitalising on the Popularity of Horror in Gaming

It would be reasonable to assume that releasing Resident Evil 4 in March of 2023 is a bad decision on the part of Capcom. After all, with the horror genre, doesn’t it make more sense for content to hit in October time around Halloween? This may be the case for the film industry, but it doesn’t matter as much in gaming.

It’s clear from looking at other sectors of the gaming industry that horror themes are well-loved all year round. On some platforms, it’s one of the most popular genres. For instance, mobile players have access to hundreds of titles, such as Death Park, Limbo, and The Walking Dead: Our World. There are plenty to be found at online casinos as well. Halloween Jack and Raven’s Reveal are two of the top games at PlayStar, and they are listed prominently on the front page for players to find them easily. They stand out to horror fans among other games, such as Starburst and Dancing Drums.

All of these factors suggest that the release date of Resident Evil 4 won’t matter, and it’s highly likely to be a commercial triumph regardless of what month it drops.

Other Resident Evil Remakes Have Been Successful

This isn’t the first time that Capcom has revisited its early Resident Evil games, and it has already remade the first three titles in the series. These have all been met with critical acclaim, with players praising the updated graphics and levels of immersion.

The Guardian enjoyed some of the new elements brought about by the latest reboot, including the introduction of a multiplayer mode. However, some of the past titles have faced criticism for not being meaty enough in the modern age of more in-depth titles.

Resident Evil 4 was a landmark game in the Capcom series when it was first released, and the new version is likely to have the same effect. This one easily has the potential to be a frontrunner in the Game of the Year awards for 2023.

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