Missile Command: Recharged Review

Atari has steadily been releasing new and improved versions of their classic arcade games under the Recharged name over the past few years. The first of those was Missile Command: Recharged which I originally reviewed back in 2020. While I thought it was a solid game back then there wasn’t a lot too it and Atari’s games in the Recharged line have improved steadily since then. The team took the opportunity to go back and revisit the game and have now come out with an improved Missile Command: Recharged. Here is my review of the PlayStation 5 version.

At its core this is still the Missile Command you may remember from the Atari 2600 in the 1980s. You take charge by aiming and firing missiles to destroy enemy missiles that are raining down from the sky at you. Recharged is pretty much the same game but with a fresh coat of paint and some other nice features. Your mission is to destroy the enemy missiles in the sky before they hit your bases placed at the bottom of the screen. If you lose all of your bases then it’s game over. The goal of the game is really to see how long you can last and to put up as high a score as you can. As time passes you can find power-ups on screen that can aid you such as the ability to heal damage done to your bases and more. Once you die your score is uploaded to the online leaderboards for you to compare against everyone else. The points you earn do serve another purpose though. As you amass them you can then turn around and spend them on upgrades to help yourself last longer. These range from things such as faster weapon fire and more damage. It’s nice that they have these upgrades as it helps keep you wanting to play knowing that even when you fail you may have made progress towards doing better next time.

Last time around there really wasn’t much to the game other than what I just described but now there is more meat to this package. That comes in the form of campaign challenges which have you trying to win missions under different conditions. These are fun but boy can some of them be quite difficult to complete and you also need to unlock most of them which can be a bit of grind. There are also new power-ups and enemies to test out and fight against which helps add more variety to the game. Add in an arcade mode that lets you try and last as long as you can and the ability to play all the modes in local co-op and you have a much meatier game this time around.

Visuals and audio have also seen improvements when compared to the original version. One of my complaints last time around was that there was very limited music but this time they got Megan McDuffee to compose a nice array of music for the title that is very enjoyable. The neon visuals look a bit nicer this time around too. Trophy hunters will find 19 trophies to earn in this game including a Platinum. Most of the list is pretty easy but a few could pose quite the challenge to unlock.

Missile Command: Recharged is a better game in 2022 than it was in 2020 as the team clearly listened to feedback. There is more to sink your teeth into here and the presentation got a nice touch up too. Some things like the controls on console and grinding to unlock stuff can be a bit of a downer but this is worth checking out nonetheless for fans of the series or score chasers.

*Missile Command: Recharged is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Missile Command: Recharged





  • Classic Missile Command gameplay with new modes, enemies, and power-ups
  • Local co-op supported in all modes
  • Visuals and music are improved from 2020 release


  • Controls aren't the best on console
  • Unlocking challenges can be a grind

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