Challenges to attempt in MyGM on NBA 2K23

The latest instalment in the NBA 2K series dropped in September with its usual array of game modes and some fresh features and the majority of fans will have spent most of the time playing the game on the online MyTeam game mode, but looking at the traditional offline management based mode MyGM we will discuss some challenges that the most seasoned players could attempt to keep the NBA’s flagship game exciting.

Return a former champion to glory

The Cleveland Cavaliers have started the NBA season in impressive form, trailing just behind the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference standings. This comes as a surprise as, after four years of failing to reach the playoffs, the Cavaliers could be serious competitors this season. They are now one of the favourites to qualify for the playoffs from the Eastern Conference; here are some recommended apps for betting in Ohio where the best odds and offers can be found, as the state’s star NBA team hold real hopes of bringing success to Ohio this season.

The Cavaliers won their sole NBA championship in 2016 as they boasted a star-studded lineup including LeBron James and Kyrie Irving but they quickly resorted back to mediocrity. But as a general manager can you guide the Cavaliers to another success to prove they are one of the NBA’s big teams and their championship was more than an anomaly?

You can recruit new stars to do so and perhaps change the coaching staff to aid your pursuit of glory, but most importantly you won’t be able to secure a return of LeBron as it would likely be out of reach financially. Donovan Mitchell is the current star of the team and is making solid progress towards becoming a genuine superstar. Would you optimise the funds available to bring in a huge star of the game or perhaps you could prioritise improving the overall roster? Maybe you could even mould the likes of Mitchell into the NBA’s best.

Win a championship with a team for the first time

There are many teams in the NBA that have not yet won a championship, either as they are a relatively fresh team in the franchise or they have simply been an average team throughout their existence.

An ideal team to undertake this challenge with would be the Brooklyn Nets, their state rivals the New York Knicks have secured previous success back in the 1970s and New York is certainly extremely fond of the sport. 

You would have a roster that boasts legends of the game in the form of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving who have the invaluable experience of winning championships before. However, there have been off-the-court issues relating to the pair and with the team in general in the recent past. Can you persuade the pair to commit long-term and maybe add more stars alongside them to guarantee sustainable success?

Whatever challenge you decide to take up in the game, one target is a constant, to produce something that has never been done before.

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