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Indie publisher eastasiasoft and developer ZOO Corporation continue down their path of bringing us new games in the Pretty Girls line. The newest one is called Pretty Girls Escape and instead of playing with cards we’ll be playing with blocks. Here is my review of the PlayStation 5 version.

Pretty Girls Escape is the first entry to be what is basically a block matching game so fans of Tetris and things of the sort may want to give this one a look. You can jump into Stage Mode or Challenge Mode at the start but let’s talk about Stage Mode first. Here, you’ll play through level after level with the goal being to get character blocks to the bottom of the screen in order to win. Each screen is made up of blocks and you have to clear them by matching blocks of the same color and clicking on them to erase them. You can move blocks left and right to match them up but you have to be careful not to get yourself stuck with no way of matching or you’ll have to start over. There are also special kinds of blocks you have to be wary of like spiky ones that will cause you to fail, black ones that are permanent, and even locks that will require you to maneuver a key into in order to unlock them.

Challenge Mode is similar except here the block layouts are more deliberate and have you trying to figure out the exact way to win. Each stage in the game features a different anime pretty girl who has their usual Japanese voice lines that we’ve come to expect from these games. Clearing the stages allows you to rack up points that you can spend to unlock new outfits for the girls that you can view while you play or back in the changing room/diorama mode. The character art looks nice but I don’t usually spend much time at all with the diorama modes in these games. Outside of unlocking the outfits and those two modes there isn’t much else to this game so it will likely only last you a couple hours or so. Trophy hunters will find 25 trophies to collect including a Platinum. It’s another easy completion that just asks you to clear each girls’ stage.

Pretty Girls Escape is a welcome new entry in this ongoing line of casual games. I’m used to playing some kind of card game when I get a new one of these so getting to match blocks with some twists thrown in was enjoyable. If you are looking to spend a couple hours with a simple and casual block matching game then Pretty Girls Escape is a pretty good time.

*Pretty Girls Escape is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Pretty Girls Escape





  • Fun block matching gameplay
  • Offers up some unique block types to try and figure out how to work around
  • Character artwork is great


  • Won't last more than a couple hours
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