The future of slot machines

Online slot machines in the best online casino are by far the most popular casino games in the virtual world and in land-based casinos. Every year, the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) conference is held in the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas, where suppliers from all over the world showcase new products and indicate development trends for the next few years. All indications are that the world of slot machines is in for a real revolution. Will new versions of well-known slots win the hearts of players?

Slot machines using 4D

Slot machines in 3D were expected to conquer the world market, but so far they have failed to surpass the popularity of classic slots available online or gambling machines in online casinos. While slot machine entertainment can be enhanced with high-quality 3D graphics, few casinos choose to add slots where gameplay takes place using special glasses.

Can the new trend of 4D slots redefine slot play? Above all, there is great scope for game manufacturers to skilfully weave sensory components into the gameplay, such as a vibrating chair, the ability to feel energy flows on the pad or even better graphics. The forerunner of 4D slot machines is the popular games provider IGT, which presented titles such as Jumanji 4D, Wheel of Fortune 4D and others at the Global Gaming Expo conference.

Convenient gaming

The first slot machines decades ago were called one-armed bandits. The game was played by pressing levers and thus setting the reels in motion. The next step was push-button machines and online games. Merkur Gaming gives the comfortable game of slots a whole new meaning. It offers a gaming chair with a cup holder and a button with which you can turn the reels.

The convenience of the game also means quick and hassle-free payments. Token payments, facial recognition-authorised transactions and cryptocurrency payments are becoming increasingly popular. Players are expected to focus primarily on having fun and not worry about formalities. This is already the strategy employed by many online casinos.

Instead of luck – skill

The results in slot games are always random. A lot depends on luck; moreover, the default advantage always lies with the casino. The new concept of skill-based slot games, above all, slows down the pace of play somewhat. The aim of slots, in which the outcome is largely determined by the experience and decisions made by the player, makes it possible to attract a whole new group of users to the game. They are intended to reflect a little more the gameplay characteristics known from video games and to attract the Millenial generation, which is not as interested in random money games as older players.

The principle behind skill-based slot machines is simple. During gameplay, a new mini-game may appear on the screen, such as a race, card game or shooter. Better gameplay results will generate bigger payouts or better bonuses. On the other hand, it is difficult to expect slot machines to completely transform into such challenging casino games as poker or blackjack, the outcome of which depends on players’ decisions. Skill-based slot games are certainly great fun and may have a future in casinos, but probably not for their target audience.

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