A Quick Start Guide to Minecraft Skyblock

What Is Skyblock

Minecraft has hundreds of amazing game modes created by the imaginative community. Whatever genre of game you fancy, you can be sure you’ll find it. One of my favorite genres is survival game modes. And one of the most popular maps in this category is Skyblock. 

Skyblock is a customer game mode that was released way back when Minecraft was officially released. It was created by a user known as Noobcrew. Since its release it has received consistent updates and quality of life improvements. Many of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers such as CaptainSparklez and Pewdiepie have made videos of their Skyblock playthroughs.

The premise of Skyblock is simple. Instead of starting on a normal Minecraft map, you are instead going to find yourself on a tiny sky island. The rest of the map is made up of different sky islands of various sizes. The aim is simple, to survive and explore this realm. 

Playing Skyblock

There are multiple ways of playing Skyblock. The first is the single player approach. First you need to download the map from any reputable Minecraft map site. After that you need to extract the ZIP folder to the Minecraft Worlds folder within your Minecraft game files directory. 

But the best way of playing Skyblock is multiplayer. In this format you each start on your own sky island and have to either work together or race to gather resources. And the best part of playing it multiplayer is you don’t need to download the map yourself. You just need to find a list of live skyblock servers and join one that appeals to you. 

One of the best ways to play Skyblock is with mods. There are a lot of mods that blend really well with the game mode such as the Airships mod or the Aether. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of downloading and installing these mods yourself you can easily find a Skyblock server that is using them. 

 Skyblock Tips

It can be quite daunting trying to navigate the gameplay of Skyblock. You start off with very limited resources. And a lot of newer players can easily struggle to ever leave their starting island. 

The first thing you need to be aware of is the importance of farming in this mode. There are lots of useful blocks that can be created using the various crops in the game. And trees are necessary to secure an early supply of wood blocks. When the game starts you need to try to get as many saplings as possible. Your island always starts with one tree. Make sure you mine some dirt blocks and build an area around the tree to ensure no saplings fall into the void below.

Your island also starts with a chest that contains a small supply of materials, including obsidian. This obsidian should be used to construct a Nether portal. In the early stages of the game you will need to use the Nether to get more building blocks. 

Your starting chest should contain a bucket of lava and water. At the start, these are two of the most useful items you will have access to. They can be used to create cobblestone blocks infinitely as well as being essential in creating your farm. 

We won’t give you much more information here as the joy of Skyblock comes from overcoming these challenges yourself. The game mode forces you to use your imagination to come up with creative solutions and encourages risky exploration tactics. All we can say now is good luck and have fun exploring the floating worlds of this fantastic game mode!

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