Farmskins Features and What You Need to Know About Them

Among the wide variety of the CS:GO case-opening websites, Farmskins has always been shining through. But what are the reasons for such success? In this article, you will learn the main features offered at Farmskins and find why this platform is worth your time and money.

What Is Farmskins? 

Farmskins is a CS:GO case opening site that allows you to open boxes and get loot from them. This platform is not owned by the Valve company and is separate. But still, it is related to it, as it uses CS:GO in-game items, which it transfers via Steam trade. 

What Are The Features of Farmskins?

If the case opening website offered the same capabilities as the official Valve game, it would be no point in using it. That is why it has several features that attract new clients with fun and profitability potential.

Bonus System

The feature that is really lacking in CS:GO is a bonus system. And Farmskins developers have taken advantage of it and added it to their platform. So now, each customer can spice up the case-opening process with a wide set of bonuses. For example, the most popular bonus adored by users is a “Daily bonus.” It allows every signed-up user to get a free battle case every day and open it.

If you deposit more funds into your Farmskins account, your platform level will grow. As a result, you can get even more free cases!

Unique Cases to Open

Of course, Farmskins offers plenty of cases to open. Even though there is a huge choice of cases present in CS:GO, Farmskins also has cases of their craft. Thus, the developers take items of their selection and put them in a new case.

With the help of this system, you can get some juicy skins. For example, there is a “Knives” case where you can get only knives as a drop; or the same box can be related to gloves, etc. There is also a thing called “Limited Edition” cases which often feature themed skins. For example, during the recent Halloween, you could open cases with themed skins inside.

If you are unsure if you want to open a certain case, you can check how many users bought it. The number of purchases is located under each case price. By the way, you can find the reasons for the pricing of the case here

Case Battle

When you get bored with a simple case opening, you can turn to a “Case Battle.” It is another case-opening mode that allows users to battle each other while cracking up boxes. 

To participate, you must choose a preferred case to open, amount of participants, and the victory condition. Thus, the maximum number of players who can participate is four, while the most popular win condition is getting the most valuable loot. So if you’ve become lucky to get the most expensive items during the battles, you can take those items to your inventory.

Skin Upgrade

Have you ever been frustrated with the amount of low-costing/trash skins you just don’t have time to sell? Well, Farmskins offers a quick yet effective solution to that problem. With the skin upgrade feature, you can take a couple of your low-cost skins and turn them into something more valuable. 

The price of the given skin will always depend on the total cost of the ones you put inside. But there is still a chance that you may get the skin at a higher price. 

You can use skin upgrades for hunting for ultra-rare skins, which you can’t usually find at the market. So you can get items like AWP Dragon Lore if you invest in enough expensive skins.

Gaben’s Store

With every case you open on the Farmskins website, you have a 30% chance to be rewarded with special currency: Bullets. So while Steam sells items for the fiat currencies, Farmskins offers a Gaben’s Store where bullets carry value.

You can find plenty of interesting offers in the store, including cases and buying straight items. And if you are not satisfied with what you see at the moment in Gaben’s Store, don’t worry, as the items are replaced regularly. 

But if you see an interesting offer in the Gaben’s Store but still don’t have enough bullets, you shouldn’t rush in opening cases to get some. That is because some offers from this store can also be purchased with fiat currency too.

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