Top 7 Games You Can Play On Zoom For Long-Distance Fun

Missing Loved Ones?

It is true that anything long-distance is never fun. Whether that is a friendship, a relationship, or a long-distance family member who you wish you could see more – it is never easy. So, how do you keep them in your life? For many, the answer has been Zoom; along with Netflix and Instagram, it has been some people’s most-used app since 2020. Whether it is a meeting for work, catch-up calls, or dates with long-distance besties, we’ve all used the service.

So, you have a specific night planned for one-on-one time with your long-distance person, and you want to have some fun and make the call more exciting than just staring at your screen. Read on to find out what games you can play with your loved ones, whether online bingo for the whole family to enjoy, Cards Against Humanity, and more. You’ll be sure to find one that suits your group of people best! 

7 Games You Can Play on Zoom

1.       Words with Friends

If everyone in the group has the ‘Words with Friends’ app downloaded onto their phones, you can play this game over Zoom with your friends. You can split it up into each friend playing each other once, and you all come together for a grand face-off in a head-to-head championship battle. Or, for maximum fun, you could play a ‘Lightning Round,’ where players have to unscramble a group of words in the least amount of time.

2.       Bingo Maker

Bingo is just a timeless game that all of us have played at least once. Whether in uni or during special occasions like Christmas, parties, etc. It isn’t a game that just has to be played in person but can be done virtually. Bingo Maker allows you to invite your friends to join a game by hosting one on Zoom and sharing the code with your friends. You can also play it on tablets, cell phones, or laptops. Use the app to draw the numbers, and have hours of online bingo fun.

3.       Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity’s website has made the beloved card game virtual with a downloadable version of the Main Game and Family edition on their website. It is truly a silly game that encourages others to laugh and smile at other people’s silliness. This game may be more appropriate for friends’ Zoom meetings rather than the whole family! You never know what weird things will happen next in this fast and exciting game.

4.       Codenames

This game will allow you and your loved ones to channel your ‘inner spy.’ The game follows 25 secret agents who can only be identified using codenames. You have to make contact and be able to identify your agents before the opposite team does. How you achieve this is through the clues given by ‘spymasters.’ The rounds pass pretty quickly, making it perfect for a short Zoom call with friends.

5.       Scattergories

Just like the regular game, but online! Set up the game by choosing from different topics like TV shows you’re watching, things on a desk, or even different kinds of candy or chocolate brands. Once the game is created, send a link to the players you want to join. If you’re the last person standing with words to add to a particular category, you win! Everything is located on the website, so you’ll see everyone’s progress at the end! No screen sharing is needed.

6.       Guess Who?

If you are having a Zoom call with family members – this is the perfect game to play. The aim of the game is that you are assigned a character, and the others have to guess who you are. The rules can differ depending on the group size, but the group should be able to ask you questions using a series of ‘yes or no,’ which you can only answer using those prompts. This one is bound to have the whole family laughing.

7.       Mafia

If you have a long-distance catch-up with friends scattered across the world, Mafia might be a fun game for you to try. Developed by psychology students in Russia, this is a complicated game that involves a high level of social analytics. The group is split into two, one side being villagers and the other werewolves. Next, you proceed to sniff out the ‘killers’ of the friends and try to discover who the innocent townspeople are.

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