What You Need To Know About iGaming

While new video games are developed almost daily, there is a new industry ready to take on the world. It’s called iGaming, and it’s a new landscape with a range of games like casinos, sports betting, bingo, and much more. Even though brick-and-mortar casinos have existed for a long time, people are now flocking to gambling sites instead. It’s more convenient, bonuses are usually unavailable at land-based casinos, and there is a wider range of games. If you are intrigued, read along.

Definition of iGaming

iGaming is short for internet gaming and is defined as any type of online betting, which wagers on an outcome of a game. Therefore, there are many different iGaming options with anything from playing slots to baccarat. It isn’t 100 percent clear if games like chess and backgammon fall under the category. But other card games, where you can win money are classified as iGaming.

As of 2021, the global online gambling market was worth $58.2 billion. So it’s safe to say that the market has become widely popular. 

Legal casinos

In several countries, only some types of legal gambling are allowed at land-based casinos such as raffles, race night games, pull-tab games, etc. On the contrary, when looking at online casinos, more games are available. At these sites, you will also find welcome bonuses and a big selection of online slots. 

Today, many online casinos are regulated by the British Gambling Commission or in the country concerned, so you are ensured safe and legal playing. You can be sure that the games aren’t rigged, because legal casinos use Random Number Generators to run the games.

The Popular Games

Because there are such a variety of great games offered at online casinos, many people from other states flock to gambling sites. If you are an experienced gamer, you might wonder if there is enough excitement for you in these games. But even though there is a difference between thrilling games like Need for Speed and blackjack, some casino games can still give that intense feeling of sitting on the edge of your seat. 

The Sisters of Oz Jackpot

An example of a great game offered at casinos is The Sisters of Oz. It’s a 5×4 slot game, where there are 20 ways to win, and best of all, you can get free spins. The game design is reminiscent of video games as it features four very photorealistic characters. You are bound for a great user experience, because of the engaging music in the background. There are wilds as a bonus, which means you can substitute the card for another card so you can get a win. It’s an excellent game if you want easy wins, but don’t have a big bankroll.


iGaming is slowly dominating the gaming world and has come to stay, as it is now the preferred gaming possibility among many gamers. Firstly, you are ensured safe playing at most casinos. Naturally, you have to check the regulations of where you’re playing, but if you live in the UK, you just have to check if the site holds a license. Secondly, whether you are into World of Warcraft or Need for Speed, there will likely be a game to your preference, as there is something for both beginners and avid users. 

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