WOW: how to upgrade an account for a beginner

Online games take up a lot of space in the lives of teenagers. There are various genres, interfaces and difficulty levels, but each of them has its fans. Not ignored and World of Warcraft.

To help you upgrade your player in World of Warcraft, we wrote this guide, so read and extract the information you are interested in.

Leveling a character in different locations

Of course, as in many other games, the leveling of characters on a separate level takes place in different locations, low-level players level up in some territories, and players of higher levels already increase their experience in completely different territories – this is natural, because if you have low level, you will go to the territory to players with high level, then you will simply be killed there right away and you will not benefit from your campaign and you will not earn additional experience. To know where to go and what to do, first understand for yourself that the entire map in the World of Warcraft game consists of several worlds and continents.

There are only four continents in the game – these are Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, as well as Pandaria and Northrend. Character leveling is not just about killing mobs, which are full in the vicinity, it is also about completing plot, linear tasks, going to dungeons and other game moments that give the lion’s share of experience to the player.

Even if you have reached the highest levels in World of Warcraft, but at the same time your pumping consisted in the monotonous killing of mobs – this means that you, as you were, have remained a beginner who does not understand anything about the game and its features, and you will have to start from the beginning.

Buying boosting

Buy wow boosting. In most cases, this definition means that an experienced player helps a less skilled user, allowing him to receive some rewards that he otherwise could not get without this help.

In WoW, this can be a low-level character that an experienced player guides through dungeons on his own so that he quickly accumulates the necessary experience points and levels up. There may also be an entire raid group that takes one or more additional characters with them to be present at the killing of difficult bosses, receive achievements, equipment, vehicles and other loot. There is also boosting in PvP, where groups of players help a not-so-skilled person to increase his rating in PvP or quickly gain the required number of victories on the battlefields and arenas. This gives the player access to powerful weapons and sturdier gear that come in handy in PvE these days, as well as other rewards like achievements and ranks.
Another simple way to boost your gameplay is to buy wow gold, which can give you the opportunity to upgrade your weapons and armor, thrive in your profession, purchase necessary consumables, and buy the best mounts. 

Group or solo

It makes no sense for damage dealing characters to play in a group, except for dungeons, since the experience for each mob killed will be divided equally.

If you still want to play with a group of friends, while quickly leveling up to a higher level, this is justified by the fact that you will complete quests faster. However, you should be prepared for a small grind of mobs.

The exception is hybrid classes or tanks. Leveling alone for them can be extremely slow.

Doubleagent player example

One player, nicknamed Doubleagent, maxed out at level 60 in a very unusual way. When a player chooses one of the races available in the game – pandaren, he begins his adventures in the world of WoW in a location called Wandering Island, which is a neutral territory. When the player leaves this island in order to access the rest of the game’s content, he must make a choice — which of the warring factions to join: the Alliance or the Horde.

While most players level up by killing dragons, boars, and eventually other characters in PvP, Doubleagent stays neutral, maxing out his character by simply picking flowers. And although the fastest leveling up to level 60 is possible in just 3 hours, the path that Doubleagent chose took him several weeks.

It’s hard to overstate how grueling this achievement is, as the Wandering Isle is a location reserved for beginners, and it rewards players with a meager amount of experience for certain actions, in the case of Doubleagent, for collecting flowers. All the time Doubleagent spends in the game, he just runs around, clicking on the flowers when they respawn.


We have given several options for how to upgrade to the highest level for beginners. This is pumping at different locations corresponding to your level. The second way is to buy wow boosting, the function of which is to help other, more advanced players, in pumping your level in WOW. And the third way is the example of other players, in our case it is Doubleagent player, but you can search for information about other players.

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