Super Chicken Jumper Review

Indie publisher eastasiasoft continues with their weekly releases with one of their latest being Super Chicken Jumper from developer Sewer Cat. Super Chicken Jumper is a 2D auto-runner where you, playing as a chicken, have to save the world. Here is my review of the PlayStation 5 version.

There isn’t a ton of story to this game but like many of these bite-sized indie games you get an initial set-up for the game. The world is in danger from evil forces and Mrs. President entrusts the safety of the world to a skilled spy-chicken. From there you’ll run through six worlds while shooting down all kinds of enemies. Like most auto-runners, your chicken will run from left to right on the screen and you’ll have to handle jumping and attacking. You have both close and long range weapon options available to you as you play. If you take a hit at any point whether it be from an enemy or obstacle you die and will have to start over. Levels in this game are procedurally generated so every time you restart the level will be different.

While the concept is simple this game is difficult and will likely frustrate you if you’re susceptible to that. Levels simply throw too many enemies or obstacles at you to deal with at times and as a result you’ll find yourself dying over and over again. This is very much the case with the boss fights that you’ll run into as well which also change up if you die making it hard to learn from what you just did wrong and apply it on the follow-up try. You can purchase new weapons and items to help you and mushrooms in the levels can also make you big or small but none of it ultimately lessens the frustration that much. When you finish the story mode you can jump into the challenges or endless mode should you want but I pretty much had my fill by that point.  

An odd inclusion in this game are the anime girls who pop up and talk to you at times. Some of the dialogue could be funny but I really don’t need this kind of fan service stuff in an auto-runner about a chicken trying to save the world. Visually the game goes for that retro aesthetic and has some nice colors but doesn’t do a lot to standout. The same goes for the soundtrack which I had no complaints with but also didn’t think much of at the end of the day. Trophy hunters will of course find 13 easy trophies to earn including a Platinum. Like most eastasiasoft games you’ll probably earn them all in no time at all.

Super Chicken Jumper is a fine auto-runner that can provide some short bursts of fun but expect to accept some frustration with it. Nothing about it really stands out for me to fully recommend it to you but if you got a few dollars to spend and want to on this then it isn’t the worst thing you could spend it on.

*Super Chicken Jumper is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher.

Super Chicken Jumper





  • Easy to pick up and play auto-runner
  • Lots of fun weaponry to use and levels change up every time


  • Difficulty will likely frustrate a lot of players
  • Doesn't do much to stand out
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