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If you fancy isometric racing games then indie publisher eastasiasoft and developer Vijuda may have a new title for you. Super Woden GP has made its way to consoles and here’s what I thought of it after getting behind the wheel of the PlayStation 5 version.

Super Woden GP is inspired by isometric racing games from the 90s such as Micro Machines and features a pretty large roster of cars for you to pilot across its campaign. The game starts you off with very little and it took me a bit to get used to the controls and get better at it. The game features over 70 vehicles but you’ll start off with a pretty cheap one and have to work your way up. Events in the campaign are split between single track races and multi-track Grand Prix races. Similar to some other racing titles, each event has a grade on it which forces you to take certain types of cars into it. This is to ensure the game doesn’t get too easy as otherwise you could obtain a really good car and then just run woodshed through all of them.

Winning events in the game rewards you with cash that then turn around and buy better cars with have a better chance of winning the next even with and earning more cash. This is the basic gameplay loop of this game and it’s fine if you find yourself enjoying it. While I got the handle on the controls a bit better over time I still feel like the game could’ve used a bit more fine tuning in that area. It just felt like it was too easy to slide into objects and ruin your chances of winning no matter how much I played.

The visuals in the game look OK but the filter they run them through is a choice and I’m not sure I liked it that much. There is good variety in the tracks though which I appreciated for a smaller game like this. There isn’t much you can do from a customization standpoint outside of painting your car different colors but that’s there if you want it. The audio didn’t grab me much either as the music wasn’t really to my tastes. Trophy hunters will find 17 trophies to collect including a Platinum and the overall list is pretty easy so long as you can win some events. One last thing I want to mention is that the game does support up to four player split-screen local play so if you got some friends who are interested then you can all sit down and play together.

Super Woden GP is a fine little isometric racer with a lot of content and cars but the controls throw a bit of a kink in the engine. I’ve played some other titles like this from smaller teams that control much better so I wish a bit more time was spent on them as then I could recommend this more.

*Super Woden GP is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Super Woden GP





  • Has a lot of races to play through
  • Lots of cars and decent track variety
  • Four player local multiplayer support


  • Controls don't feel as good as they should
  • Not much in the way of customization
  • Odd visual filter and audio package isn't great
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