How To Level Up Fast In New World

Want to gear up quickly and need a simple boost in New World? Boosting is a popular method among players who want to skip past the early stages of a game or quickly catch up to other players.

Boosting sites are online services that offer various boosting for players in video games, including These sites typically employ experienced players skilled at completing in-game challenges, quests, and other objectives and offer their services to other players for a fee.

What is ‘New World’?

Amazon Game Studios created New World, a large-scale online role-playing game.  Upgrading in New World may be accomplished via various methods, including completing quests, making high-level gear, participating in expeditions and faction objectives, and engaging in player against player (PvP) combat. The game’s emphasis on exploration, resource collection, and faction-based gameplay provides many options for players to swiftly advance and upgrade their characters.

Is Boosting Good for You?

Boosting is a contentious subject in gaming because some players think it undermines the value of a game’s advancement system and gives players who want to boost an unfair edge. Boosting, on the other hand, may be useful for players who wish to proceed fast through the early phases of a game while enjoying later difficult stuff. Despite one’s opinion on boosting, it remains widespread among New World and other MMORPG players.

What do Boosting Sites do?

Boosting websites are web platforms that provide several sorts of boosting to video game players, including New World. These websites often hire experienced players adept at accomplishing in-game challenges, quests, and other goals and provide their skills to other players for a charge. Among the most frequent boosting services provided by these websites are:

  • Leveling: Boosting sites may fast level up a player’s character, enabling them to skip the early levels of a game and reach more difficult material.
  • Gear Boosting: These websites may assist players with obtaining the greatest gear and equipment available in the game, allowing them to be more powerful and successful in battle.
  • Game Cash: Boosting sites may help users get in-game cash, which can be used to buy gear, things, and other in-game resources.
  • Assist Players: Boosting sites may assist players with obtaining milestones and other in-game prizes that would otherwise require a large amount of time and effort to attain.

Although boosting might assist gamers in fast catching up with other players or avoiding the early phases of the game, it may also be a contentious subject in the gaming community.

Utilizing boosting services may violate the terms of service of a game, resulting in repercussions such as suspension or banning. Moreover, boosting might provide players who use these services an unfair edge, which can harm the game’s general balance and fairness. Before dealing with boosting sites, players should carefully assess the dangers and rewards and verify that they are utilizing reliable and trustworthy services. It is ultimately up to each individual player to utilize boosting services, but it is crucial to understand the possible implications and influence on the game’s culture.

What is Gear Score?

Gear Score is a numerical score assigned to each item in New World that determines the item’s initial ratings and usefulness in ultimate gameplay. Your character’s total Gear Score will grow when you level up, enabling you to attempt the more difficult stuff.

These Gear Score rises begin to decelerate after you hit Gear Score 500, which happens when you are up to level 60. The maximum Gear Score in New World is 625. Raising this score is essential for Legendary Expedition and Arena items to drop


When does your Gear Score increase?

There is a chance that any item you find in New World will have a better Gear Score than anything you already have. Your Gear Score increase depends on a wide variety of things, such as your current level and the content you’re farming. The gap between Gear Score increases at the beginning of the game and those after reaching level 60 is quite wide.

Large Gear Score boosts can be obtained by encountering elite foes, opening elite chests in endgame zones, and completing Expeditions.

In New World, your average Expertise is used to determine your Gear Score. The sum of your Expertise and the Gear Score of the item used to calculate your overall score. The “watermark” approach, the forerunner to the current “expertise” concept, has been updated to be more open and accessible.

How to gear up quickly in New World? Our next section of the article shares some tricks to gear up quickly!

Here Are Some Tips For Gearing Up Quickly In New World

  • Questing: Completing quests is the easiest way to get new gear and level up quickly. Make sure to prioritize quests that offer gear upgrades as rewards.
  • Crafting: Crafting can also be a great way to gear up, especially if you can craft high-level items. Focus on crafting gear for your specific role, such as heavy armor for tanks or light armor for healers.
  • Gathering: Gathering resources like iron, wood, and herbs can help you craft new gear or sell them for gold to purchase better gear from the market.
  • Faction Missions: Joining a faction can offer unique faction-specific gear and daily faction missions that reward gear and gold.
  • Expeditions: Completing expeditions with a group can offer powerful gear rewards. Make sure to prepare and have a well-rounded team.
  • Elite Zones: Elite zones can be challenging, but they offer some of the best gear rewards in the game. Make sure to group up with other players to tackle these zones.
  • Trading: Keeping an eye on the market can help you find good deals on gear. If you have extra resources, consider selling them on the market to make gold to purchase gear.


Learn how to gear up quickly in New World with these tips. Prioritize quests, crafting, gathering, faction missions, expeditions, elite zones, and trading to find the best gear upgrades for your character. Make sure to prioritize gear upgrades to help you progress and make the most out of the resources available. With these strategies, you’ll be at the top of your game in no time!

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