Sissa’s Path Review

Sissa’s Path is a new relaxing puzzle game from publisher eastasiasoft and developer AFIL Games where you play as a cube cat who has to push balls of wool onto plates to advance. Here is my review of the PlayStation 5 version.

Sissa’s Path is all about helping our little cat friend Sissa push their balls of wool around so that you can advance from level to level. Each level in the game is set on maze like tiles and presented in a 3D isometric view. The goal of each level is to figure out how to navigate the tiles and push the balls of yarn around so that each one ends up on a white circle. Do that and you complete the level and advance to the next.

The levels get more challenging as you go but I really didn’t have much problem solving any of them. If you make a mistake you can press Circle to undo your last move but if you need to undo any more than that then you’ll need to press Triangle to reset the level. Outside of that there isn’t much else to say about the gameplay as the game really is just that basic. Visually the backgrounds aren’t that exciting as it’s really just different colors but the cat and balls of wool’s art style is actually kind of charming. Trophy hunters will also find another easy Platinum here with 13 trophies in total. All you have to do is beat certain stages to earn them all.

Sissa’s Path is a fine Sokoban puzzle game but outside of having a cute art style it doesn’t do much else to stand out. If you’re looking to spend a few dollars on it you’ll find some mildly challenging puzzles and some easy trophies but not much else other than that.

*Sissa’s Path is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Sissa's Path





  • Cute presentation
  • Easy to learn puzzle game


  • Puzzles don't really add anything as you advance
  • Doesn't do anything to stand out
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