Which version of WoW is more accessible: Dragonflight or WotLK?

World of Warcraft is an old game but it also tries to keep up with the times. If you’re considering trying it out, don’t expect an absolutely insane mess of an UI or tons of weird terminology like you would have in EVE Online, for example. Quite on the contrary: the game is fully aware of the necessity to be new-player-friendly. The only problem that an Azeroth neophyte might face is not knowing which version to try first. Since recently WoW has several of them and understandably this fact can be confusing to some. So in this article we’ll take a closer look at which of those versions is better for new and returning players and how you can make your experience with both better.

What WoW versions are there in 2023?

There are currently 3 official version of World of Warcraft that you can play:

  • Modern (Dragonflight)
  • Classic (Wrath of the Lich King)
  • Classic era (Vanilla)

Yeah, it still looks confusing. But hold on, we’ll try making it as clear as possible. So the Modern WoW is the “usual” WoW that has been around since 2004. It evolved through 9 expansions and its latest one is called Dragonflight. It has this fancy dragon riding and its new content takes place in the Dragon Isles.

The Classic WoW is a sorta “restarted WoW”. It was first released in 2019. Since then it already had 2 expansions: Burning Crusade (2021) and Wrath of the Lich King (2022). So it’s currently Wrath of the Lich King and that’s why the Classic WoW is often called WotLK.

It would be easier to understand all this stuff, had there been just 2 versions. But there’s also a third that exists in some peculiar shape. That’s the so-called Classic Era. When the usual Classic got its first expansion Burning Crusade in 2021, some servers were created which didn’t receive the new content and the expansion didn’t work for them at all. It was the same initial Classic version of the game that was released in 2019. It had all its phases started anew from the first one. Basically, it exists in some sort of seasons: it receives 6 updates and then gets back to the first one and receives all the same 6 updates again. Still confusing, right? Well, don’t worry – it definitely shouldn’t be your first choice if you decide to try WoW out in 2023, so we won’t talk much about it.

Differences between Dragonflight and WotLK

Dragonflight and WotLK are both WoW but they are quite different WoW’s in fact. Although the main concept of them is similar: level up a character to max level and do high-end activities – the experience that either of them offers are not the same. Dragonflight feels way more modern than WotLK which makes sense since the latter is supposed to feel “oldschool”. After all, that’s what the audience that it was made for wants. Let’s be more precise.

Dragonflight has more of a bite-sized content. That is, you can enjoy the game’s best features even if you play just an hour or two a day in the evening. That’s what the most popular game mode of modern WoW is about – the Mythic Plus dungeons. One such dungeon is supposed to be completed within an hour max. Raids are also generally shorter and easier these days. Unless you do Heroic and Mythic raids, that is – but then again, if you do them, that means that you have enough time and you’re willing to. So you have more control over which game modes you can play and how you can do it. PvP is also more straightforward: you don’t have to spend weeks and months of your life doing BGs to collect enough honor points to buy that lousy entry-level PvP set to start doing arena. Any decent gear will do for arenas – you can collect it any way you like: dungeons, world quests, and whatnot.

WotLK is more demanding and less flexible. You have to spend lots of time on it if you want to enjoy it to the fullest. Raids are generally longer and harder – and there’s no LFR mode to quickly take a look at the boss encounters without putting in much effort. No, raiding is all about effort in WotLK: gather a team or join an already gathered one (by proving them you’re good enough), show good performance to not get kicked out of the team, stay with the team for as long as it’s ready to carry on (and it can be hours and hours of time), and so on. Some raids that WotLK has are more accessible: say, the Obsidian Sanctum or the Eye are really short, they only have 1-2 bosses. Nevertheless, they are quite hard to beat as those bosses have some surprises for first-time raiders. Other high-end activities are almost nonexistent except for the arena. Arena has this gear barrier that makes you first collect honor points like crazy to get decent equipment and only then you can start doing it. So WotLK is more about dedication and spending time on things that are in your way to getting fun. Is it bad? Well, some people like it. You might not be among them and that’s alright.

Which should you try first?

We believe that modern WoW (Dragonflight) has been made modern enough for players of all kinds to enjoy playing it. Whether your background includes games like Counter Strike and League of Legends, or whether you’re a die-hard RPG fan, or whether you haven’t played any games at all – Dragonflight will not reject you and you will feel welcome there.

WotLK is not a bad option either but we’d say that you should have some MMORPG gaming background to not walk away disappointed. But all in all, it also offers some pleasant experience and there’s a good reason for why the Classic version exists in the first place. Some players believe that it better encourages the “MMO” activities like looking for a group manually and interacting with other players than the modern version. Maybe they are right. But this is for everyone to decide, in our view.

How can you make your experience with both versions better?

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