GTA 5 Online 2023: why is the casino feature still so popular?

GTA 5 Online has being going strong for over 10 years – it still has a huge player base and is raking money in for Rockstar. This is largely due to the regular stream of content updates, new areas and new missions that have been added. At its peak, roughly eight major content updates were added each year.

This has slowed down and with GTA 6 looming, we could see an eventual end to GTA 5, but for now, let’s look at one of the more popular and beloved content updates the game had – the Diamond Casino & Resort.

This epic update saw an entirely new area to explore, new missions and more customization, but for many, the gambling aspect and array of online casino games and slots was the biggest feature. Below, we take a look at why this feature proved so popular and why people still love heading to Vinewood Park Drive today.

What is the casino feature in GTA 5 Online?

This update for the game was released in 2019 and it saw the addition of the Diamond Casino & Resort, which was built over the old Vinewood Casino on Vinewood Park Drive. The casino is fully explorable and has a heap of features, including the casino heist mission and the aspects discussed below. It makes the game even more fun to play and gives players so much more to do and see.

The venue – Diamond Casino & Resort

The casino itself is pretty lavish. It has a fully decked-out interior, complete with a lobby, limousine service and horse racing track, and a casino floor complete with table games and more. I enjoy the limousine service as it acts as another form of fast travel and is free to use!

You can also go into the resort and buy apartments that can be fully customized. The casino and resort area is essentially another location where you can build your empire and splash your cash, and players love it.

The roof terrace area of the casino is really cool too as you can just chill there and socialize, grab a drink or even be part of a great rooftop party. If you are traveling in style, there is an extensive parking garage where you can store your rides.

The games – table games, horse race betting, Lucky Wheel

The most exciting aspect of the Diamond Casino that keeps players coming back is the casino floor and the range of games. We hadn’t really had this type of gambling availability before and when the update was released, the Rockstar servers actually crashed due to the sheer volume of players wanting to try it out!

The games include:

  • Horse race betting
  • Roulette
  • Three card poker
  • Blackjack
  • Slot machines
  • Inside track horse race betting
  • Lucky Wheel

I love the Lucky Wheel and sure, it’s totally random but the prizes you can get are rather cool. You can only use the Lucky Wheel once per real 24-hour period and the prizes range from money and chips to vehicle discounts, a podium vehicle and clothing!

The different table games are all pretty realistic too, so if you enjoy online casinos then the games will appeal to you. For example, I like playing the blackjack tables because the standard game rules apply and you can do everything except splitting.

The slot machines are really entertaining and you can pick up some decent cash prizes from Deity of the Sun, which allows for higher bet values. The tables and dealers all look great and it just has a cool atmosphere that really adds to the enjoyment.

It should be noted that due to the actual gambling and the fact that you can buy currency to spend in the Diamond Casino, it is prohibited in many regions. You may simply find that you cannot play the casino games or you may be limited as to which type of GTA currency you can use, depending on the gambling laws of the country you live in.

The Diamond Casino & Resort offers endless fun and opportunity

The combination of features, customization, casino gambling and new missions makes the Diamond Casino & Resort an instant success and it’s easy to see why players continue to go there to spend their fortunes to this day.

The fact that you can play actual casino games and explore the casino environment is incredible, and although we have had features like this in other GTA games, the Diamond Casino & Resort does it really well and has amazing playability.

You can customize the penthouse apartments to your heart’s desire and of course the casino games have great playability. Maybe you want a break from the hectic GTA 5 Online life and just want to relax and chill for an hour or two? If so, the casino feature gives you that option.

You can spend a little money at the casino and enjoy gambling without the fear of losing real money, unlike with online gambling and gambling at bricks-and-mortar casinos.

Head to Vinewood Park Drive today to check out the Diamond Casino in GTA 5 Online

If you haven’t already checked out the Diamond Casino & Resort (let’s face it – you most likely have, and have spent countless hours in there!) then you need to jump in your ride and give it a blast.

It’s easy to see why the casino feature in GTA 5 Online is so popular, considering the sheer number of things you can do. If you love the thrill of casino gaming then you can immerse yourself in a variety of games, including blackjack, roulette and slots, and maybe even increase your fortune.

That’s not even mentioning the amazing penthouse apartments in the resort that you can own and customize, and the big, brash rooftop parties you can indulge in! The Diamond Casino & Resort update really added a lot to the game and gave GTA Online an entire new dimension for fans to enjoy.

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