MINI Review: Pretty Girls Breakers! PLUS – PlayStation 5

It has been a little bit of time now since the last Pretty Girls game dropped so you know a new one was inevitable. Eastasiasoft and developer Zoo Corporation released Pretty Girls Breakers! PLUS a short time ago and I got to check out the PlayStation 5 version for this review.

Pretty Girls Breakers! PLUS is a follow up to Pretty Girls Breakers! that released just over a year ago and that I reviewed. This new version is pretty much more of that but if you didn’t play it here is the gist of it. The game is a brick breaker that also includes enemies, power-ups, and fan service anime girls. There are two modes on offer with those being Pretty Battle Mode and Eternal Challenge Mode. Pretty Battle Mode has you playing stage to stage hitting the ball to destroy all the bricks and enemies. Instead of a paddle you control a character at the bottom of the screen that is armed with a beam sword. Hitting the ball with your sword sends it off and if you get the timing right on your hit you can build power in the ball to deal more damage. If you miss hitting the ball you lose a life and you also lose a life if enemy attacks hit you. You have a certain number of lives before you will have to start a stage over and this goes for if you run out of time too.

The Eternal Challenge Mode is pretty much the same but an endless mode instead where you are just score chasing. You’ll keep breaking bricks until they reach your character at the bottom of the screen so do your best to get a good score. Both modes also offer power ups that you can collect which include more balls in play, a barrier to prevent the ball from passing you, and so on. Besides trying the beat the levels or chasing high scores you can also play to gain points to buy new stuff in the Dressing Room. Points come from beating levels, breaking bricks, etc and are used to unlock costumes for each of the 10 girls and backdrops. It’s the standard stuff we’ve come to expect in these games and not something I find myself spending much time with when I play them.

Pretty Girls Breakers! PLUS is more of what the first entry gave us and that’s brick breaking action. I still like that it’s a bit different from other brick breakers in that you have enemies to deal with on top of just the bricks. It won’t last you very long unless you find yourself coming back to the endless mode but if you enjoy brick breakers and anime girls then this is a solid choice for the price.

*Pretty Girls Breakers! PLUS is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Pretty Girls Breakers! PLUS





  • Fun take on the brick breaking formula
  • Endless mode could make this game last longer
  • Good character artwork


  • Not much different from the last entry
  • Might not last you very long
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