Loop8: Summer of Gods Review – PlayStation 4

Loop8: Summer of Gods is a new coming-of-age JRPG from XSEED Games where you’ll play as protagonist Nini who has to save the world from the evil Kegai. Here is my review of the PlayStation 4 version.

Loop8: Summer of Gods takes place in rural Japan during the 1980s and is a blend of JRPG and visual novel genres. Out of those two I would say it leans more heavily towards the visual novel side of things as you’ll be doing a lot of reading and relationship building. The story revolves around humanity being brought near extinction due to evil demons called Kegai. Our main character Nini lived on a space station that failed and has now moved back to Earth to the island of Ashihara in Japan. Ashihara has remained safe from Kegai attacks but that doesn’t last and Nini has to help save the world with the help of some allies. Much like the titles implies, the game runs on a time limit and loops with you having so many days each time to get things done. Loop8 has a lot of cool ideas but I would say it doesn’t execute any of them really well which was kind of disappointing.

Most of your time while playing will be spent walking around Ashihara, going to school, and talking with other characters to build your bond with them. Pretty much everything you do advances the time so you have to be mindful of it and spend it wisely. The main things to do during a loop is to build the stats of the other characters by talking and spending time with them and to figure out which characters have been possessed by the evil Kegai. Because you have limited time you won’t be able to spend time building up the stats of each character so you’ll have to pick and choose who to build each time. When the loop resets, you’ll lose most of what you built up but some stat increases can be carried over by using blessings from a creature named Musasa. Honestly, it took me a loop or two before I really started to get a handle on things and I would also say a lot of the story doesn’t get interesting until later loops too. I could see some people not sticking with this long enough to get to that stuff as it does have quite a few faults.

Some of the annoying things that bothered me while playing through this were the slow walking speed, being forced to read dialog I already saw on subsequent loops, and the frequent load screens when moving between areas. Nini really needed to be able to move around faster and there are so many visual novels that make skipping previously seen parts doable that there is no excuse for this game to not have had that option. Let’s talk about combat too as I have some gripes with that. When you figure out who the Kegai have possessed you can go into an alternate world to battle them with the hope of saving them. You can take Nini and two other party members with you into battle but you only control Nini. The battle system is kind of weird in that attacks have emotions tied to them and depending on the emotion you use you may end up making the boss stronger. The boss is also affected by who you bring in your party as depending on their relationship with the boss character that can also make things easier or harder. A lot of these things aren’t explained very well and that’s why I said it may take you a loop or two like me to figure things out. Along with battles being kind of confusing they also play out kind of slow with animations and talking taking too much time. I also want to point out that when I said you only control Nini in battle I meant it. Your other party members decide on their own on what to do which can lead to them sometimes performing actions that aren’t needed instead of something that would’ve been useful like healing.

One area I didn’t have many complaints with is the visuals and audio. Loop8 has a very nice visual style to it with some nice areas to walk around in and some nice character artwork. The animation work is also kind of cool in that is has a slower framerate to it which makes it feel a bit unique. The game has both English and Japanese voice overs and both sounded good in my time trying them out. I stuck with English most the time as that’s what I typically do when given the option but know that you can’t go wrong with either.

Loop8: Summer of Gods has some good ideas going for it but needed a bit more work in some areas for me to be able to fully recommend it. I enjoyed the story but it takes time to get good and I had to endure a lot of repeated parts to get to it. On top of that the combat can be a bit confusing and doesn’t offer enough control over your team. There’s some good things here but just know you’ll have to deal with quite a few annoyances along the way if you decide to jump into this one.

*Loop8: Summer of Gods is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. PlayStation 4 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Loop8: Summer of Gods





  • Interesting story when it gets going
  • Appealing visuals
  • Good English and Japanese audio


  • Lots of repetition when you play more loops
  • Mediocre combat
  • Walking speed is too slow
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