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Last year I reviewed what was one of publisher eastasiasoft’s worst games in my opinion Neko Secret Room on the Nintendo Switch. I found the game to be kind of pointless and didn’t have much good to say about it at all. Now a year later developer Axyos Games has returned with a new game Neko Secret Homecoming for the Nintendo Switch. Sadly, not much has changed in a years’ time.

Just like the last game Neko Secret Homecoming is a 3D casual exploration game where you’ll be solving some light tile puzzles. The game begins with your character riding a bus into a new town that has a raunchy anime factory that you want to go to. You get a little bit of voice acting in this opening cutscene but the performance is pretty dry and there isn’t much else for story beyond this point. The factory is locked when you get to the town and you have to break into it. You’ll start off by exploring the town but there isn’t much to see or do here. There are other people around but you can’t talk with any of them and so the only thing to do is find the key code to get into the locked factory.

To find this code you’ll have to gather lockpicks to then use to play a lock picking mini-game to break into houses around town. Once you get in the house, you’ll need to find a safe, play another mini-game to break into it and inside you’ll find a rubber duck or part of the key code. Once you gather all the pieces of the code from the safes you can then access the factory. In here you can access a computer to hack into some files. Just like the last game, these files are pictures that have to be put back together by solving a tile puzzle. Once you solve a picture of a girl, they’ll gradually lose clothing and then you repeat this process. Why are you doing any of this? I have no idea just like in the last game.

Beyond the puzzles there are a few other things you can do in the factory but they feel kind of pointless too. There is a darts mini-game you can play if for whatever reason you want to do that, a bath you can have your character sit in but beyond just staring at them this serves no point, and a wardrobe where you can change the size of your characters breasts, thighs, look of their ears, or change their clothes. I toyed around with each of these for a minute before finding no other reason to continue playing.

Neko Secret Homecoming offers up a bigger world than the last game but doesn’t give you anything more meaningful to do in it rendering it all pointless. There is nothing to see or do in the town and beyond putting together the puzzles to see some naughty anime girl pictures the game offers up nothing else. I could recommend hundreds of other games that are worth spending $10 on so do yourself a favor and avoid this one.

*Neko Secret Homecoming is available now on Nintendo Switch. Reviewed on Nintendo Switch. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Neko Secret Homecoming





  • Has some fan service material if you're into that


  • Exploring the town is pointless
  • Uninspired 3D visuals
  • No real point or explanation for anything that you're doing
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