Ayre and the Crystal Comet Review – PlayStation 5

Ayre and the Crystal Comet from publisher eastasiasoft and developer Gordon Little has made its way to consoles after releasing on PC a few years ago. This open-world exploration game has you exploring a lost civilization on the back of a dragon. Here is my review of the PlayStation 5 version.

Ayre and the Crystal Comet has you playing as a girl named Ayre who has traveled to a distant land that she believes is the home of an ancient dragon rider civilization. Ayre has also befriended the last remaining dragon in the world and will explore these lands together with it. The game lets you pretty much explore this open world however you want to whether it be flying through it on the dragon or walking around as Ayre. Your goal is to collect these crystals scattered about the land that will give you clues to this ancient race but honestly, I didn’t find the little bit of story stuff to be very interesting. In fact, the game as a whole feels kind of middling.

You see the world is made up of trees, water, rocks, etc but it is all low polygon 3D stuff that doesn’t impress visually at all. It just feels like a project that someone scrapped together with some assets found on the Unity store or something. There are various things around the world to collect and some ring races to partake in but not a whole lot else. There are no enemies or combat so it really is just a game that you are meant to sit back and relax while playing it. Don’t get me wrong, flying around on the dragon does control well and can be enjoyable but when there just isn’t a whole lot to see or do it can get boring quite quickly. I mentioned earlier that you can walk around as Ayre too but you probably won’t want to as her walking speed is quite slow and doesn’t feel very good at all. If you’re a trophy hunter you will find a nice easy list to complete that mostly revolves around just finding enough of each collectible.

Ayre and the Crystal Comet intrigued me with the idea of being able to fly through an open world on a dragon but that world just doesn’t have much to see or do in it. The game feels good to play but it just needed more gameplay content to actually engage with to make it interesting.

*Ayre and the Crystal Comet is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One, PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Ayre and the Crystal Comet





  • Flying around on the dragon is fun
  • Controls and performs well


  • Needed more interesting things to do
  • Walking on foot is bad
  • Animations and visuals disappoint
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