Reverie: Sweet As Edition Review – PlayStation 5

One of the latest games from publisher eastasiasoft is a real treat to me as it’s an improved version of a game I really enjoyed on the PlayStation Vita called Reverie. Developed by Rainbite, this cute little adventure game released on Sony’s handheld and the PlayStation 4 years ago but has now been refined for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch as Reverie: Sweet As Edition. Here is my review of the PlayStation 5 version.

Reverie: Sweet As Edition is a top-down adventure game that will likely remind you a lot of the classic Legend of Zelda titles. The game is set on a fictional island in New Zealand called Toromi Island and you play as a young boy named Tai who is here on vacation. Only problem is that Tai finds that the island is being threatened by evil spirits and it comes down to him to save it. To do this you’ll venture across the overworld seeking five dungeons (with a sixth opening up after you beat the rest) to enter that each has a boss that you need to defeat. These dungeons are made up of rooms with puzzles to solve and enemies to defeat.

For weapons you have a bat for close range attacks and a dart gun for long range. Enemies are relatively easy to dispatch and the boss fights aren’t much harder. They have the usual pattern to them that is easy to diagnose so I didn’t find them very challenging. They do have some cool designs though with one of them being a washing machine. The basic enemies don’t have much variety to them which is a bit disappointing. With this being the Sweet As Edition you may be wondering what exactly is new from the original Vita release. Well not a whole lot but a few welcome things to be sure. There is a new harder difficulty, an item wheel that makes selecting things easier, updated sprites, a few new lines of dialog, and a new mini-game. There is also an option to play at 120FPS on PlayStation 5 but I wasn’t able to test that out.

The dialog comes from various characters you can talk to around the island and the mini-games are little things you can engage in to kill some time like a pong game or a shooting range. There are also collectibles to find in the form of feathers that are from native birds found in New Zealand. Outside of all that there isn’t a whole lot else to the game. It’s not very long and might not be very original with all the nods to The Legend of Zelda but I still find it quite enjoyable. The visuals are colorful and very charming and are accompanied by a pleasing chip tune soundtrack. Both the visuals and audio reminded me of playing many classic games on my Game Boy devices. If you’re a trophy hunter there is another Platinum here to earn with 36 trophies in all with it being an easy list to complete overall.

Reverie: Sweet As Edition may not be very original but its charming world and cute presentation is worth experiencing if you are a fan of the classic Legend of Zelda games it was inspired by. It won’t last you very long but I’m pretty sure by the end of it you’ll be happy you played it.

*Reverie: Sweet As Edition is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Reverie: Sweet As Edition





  • Charming adventure game inspired by classic titles
  • Great old school visuals and OST
  • Some cool nods to New Zealand
  • Has a few new welcome features


  • Not very original
  • Doesn't have a lot of new content for previous players
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