Robolt Review – PlayStation 5

Indie publisher eastasiasoft continues their 2023 release schedule with one of their newest titles being Robolt from developer Gamelike Games. Here is my review of the PlayStation 5 version.

Robolt is a pixel art side-scrolling run ‘n’ gun platformer where you’ll be playing as a tiny little robot. There isn’t much story to be had here so you’ll jump right in and get to playing through the 16 levels on offer spread across four different worlds. This is a very simple game at its core with controls that anyone can wrap their head around. Playing on the PlayStation 5, I was able to move with the stick, jump with the X button, and perform attacks with the R2 and L2 button. R2 lets you fire off your lasers while L2 fires your special attacks that have limited ammo.

Playing through the levels comes down to navigating them and eliminating enemies that get in your way. Some enemies can be dispatched with your weapons while others can be taken care of the Mario way with a good old head stomp. At the end of every world, you’ll also encounter a boss but these battles didn’t really pose much of a challenge to me either. Besides that, levels also have computer chips that you can find and collect. Then they can be used to obtain new upgrades for your robot like more health or more damage although I didn’t find the game to be challenging enough to really need any upgrades. Honestly, this review is going to be very short as there simply isn’t much to say about this game. The level designs don’t really change up much across the different worlds, the visual variety is lacking, and there just isn’t much of a challenge here at all from the enemies. I found that I could just ignore them half the time and just go straight to the level exit. It likely won’t take you long to finish it either as I blazed through the 16 levels in around an hour or so.

Robolt is a functional side-scrolling run ‘n’ gun game and not much more than that. It will offer little challenge to you and it doesn’t do much at all with its level design or visual palette. It’s cheap and has some easy trophies for those players out there but beyond that this is as average as a game you can get.

*Robolt is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.






  • Run 'n' gun gameplay works


  • Not challenging at all
  • Visuals are kind of ugly and don't change up much
  • Very basic level design
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