Ubisoft Facing Backlash Following Star Wars: Outlaws Trailer

“Face it Ubisoft: You just need to be comfortable with people not buying your games anymore.” So reads the top comment on Ubisoft’s Star Wars: Outlaws official story trailer on YouTube.

Ubisoft (and Disney to an extent) has been under heavy scrutiny from the online gaming community for a while now. Ubisoft in particular have become one of the most hated game developers around with gamers telling you that this is due the greed of the company. Here are some more comments from the same Star Wars Outlaws video:

“Ubisoft told me to be comfortable not owning their games. I’m gonna be very comfortable not buying this.”

Some were more tongue in cheek:

“She has a higher Microtransaction count than even Master Yoda…”

Whilst other were a little more to the point:

“A single player game with a season pass tells you everything you need to know. It being made by Ubisoft is just the cherry on top. Ubisoft expects you to pay at least $110 for a complete version of the game.


“This is why YouTube hides dislikes.”

We are unsure exactly what the ratio between likes and dislikes is on the video, but judging by the comments (all of which seem to be derogatory), we think it could be a 90:10 ratio in favour of dislikes.

Personally, I have been excited for Star Wars Outlaws for a long time, and the trailer itself actually made me even more excited, but it seems that other games have a lot of doubts when it comes to Outlaws.

Will Star Wars: Outlaws Have Microtransactions?

The answer is that nobody is quite sure whether it will have microtransactions or not. The expectation is that it probably will be given that it is Ubisoft who are known for having microtransactions in their games. Ubisoft games also commonly feature Season Passes. These are digital passes where the consumer pays more money upfront for the future of extra downloadable content (DLC) in the future.

We can confirm that Star Wars: Outlaws will have a season pass which is bundled into the ‘Gold’ and ‘Ultimate’ editions and includes two upcoming storyline DLCs as well as some different in-game outfits and an extra mission featuring Jabba the Hutt which will be available at the start of the game and it is this which has set many fans on edge.

This specific mission is essentially locked behind a paywall even though it has already been completed. Developers will argue that they charge the extra money for DLC because it will pay for their workers to create the extra content, but in this case the Jabba the Hutt content has already been created, but Ubisoft are still asking for more money for consumers to play it.

Unfortunately, it is the case that almost every Star Wars game released in the past decade or so has been released to some sort of controversy. Star Wars: Outlaws will not buck this trend.

Gaming in the Present

In the era of the internet, it is easy to complain behind a keyboard. Of course, where Ubisoft and a lot of other gaming companies are concerned (EA we are looking at you), the complaints are justified. There are lots of other niche gaming companies under fire too, the likes of Evolution Gaming which created award winning games such as MonopolyLive and Crazy Time have had a hard time with some of their newer games which have not lived up to expectations.

Additionally, the competition between video game developers is fierce. However, as fans I believe what we want is rather simple, and the new generation of developers would do well to follow some of their predecessors efforts from the late 90s and 2000s.

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