Should You Get an iPhone for Console-Quality Gaming?

If you love to play console games and you don’t yet have an iPhone, you’re missing out. While it’s always been possible to play games on an iPhone, Apple only recently made the necessary upgrades that make it possible to play console-quality games on the iPhone. iPhones have always been popular, but their market has been largely photographers and videographers. Now, gamers have every reason to get an iPhone or upgrade their existing model to at least an iPhone 15 Pro.

While some people say the new changes are just a move to capture a new market (gamers) since there’s not much more Apple can do to appeal to photographers and videographers, it’s still a big deal. Yes, Apple will undoubtedly profit from more sales in the gaming community, and the cost of each new iPhone lineup will certainly rise, but the upgrades are worth the extra cost.

Can the iPhone handle console-quality games?

Yes, starting with the iPhone 15 lineup, the iPhone can handle console-quality games. Thanks to a new chip, there’s more than enough processing power.

Plenty of people already depend on their iPhones for heavy processing, but those tasks got even easier when Apple introduced the A17 Pro chip with the iPhone 15 lineup. This particular chip is built on 3-nanometer tech and is ideal for videographers, photographers, and gamers.

The new A17 CPU is up to 10% faster than its predecessor and comes with a neural engine that is up to two times faster and a GPU that is up to 20% faster. The best part is that this new chip comes with hardware-accelerated ray tracing, which is four times faster than software-based ray tracing and creates smoother graphics for a better gaming experience.

What console games can you play on the iPhone?

Now that the iPhone is finally powerful enough to handle more demanding games, you might be wondering what you can play. As long as you have at least the iPhone 15 Pro model, you can play games like Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4, Death Stranding, and Assassin’s Creed Mirage. These games were previously off-limits for smartphones. All you need is a Backbone One iPhone game controller and your iPhone will be transformed into a gaming console. The only difference is that now you can play even more of your favorite games with the newer iPhone models.

There could be a downside

Before you rush out to buy an iPhone just to play your favorite console games, consider that your experience in the real world might differ from how things should work in theory. One gamer tested the same games on the iPad and the iPhone and pointed out several issues on the iPhone.

The first issue was the graphics quality. The resolution just doesn’t live up to the hype. The next issue was the on-screen controls. They’re cramped and hard to use, which means you definitely need to buy a controller. That’s not necessarily bad since you can’t really expect much from on-screen controls.

However, iPhones are more expensive than consoles, and no matter how many games are adapted to Apple’s platform, it’s not a replacement for a standard game console. If you do use your phone for gaming, make sure to protect it with a durable case, in case you or one of your friends drops it or throws it in frustration, forgetting that it’s not just a controller.

Apple will likely innovate further

Currently, the only game console you can play connected to your television and then take with you to continue playing is the Nintendo Switch. In the future, it’s possible that Apple may outdo Nintendo Switch in terms of graphics, but also making it possible to play a game on your Apple TV, pause your game, and pick it up from your iPad or iPhone. Based on Apple’s track record for innovation, it wouldn’t be surprising if the company was already working on this.

Should you buy the iPhone just for the games?

If your only reason for buying an iPhone is to play console-quality games, you may want to skip it and stick to your physical consoles. The experience just isn’t there yet, and you’ll be shelling out way too much money for a sub-par experience.

However, if you’re already an iPhone fan or you’ve been wanting to make the switch, being able to play your favorite games on your phone will be an extra bonus. In that case, it makes sense to buy an iPhone as long as you’re willing to tolerate lower-quality graphics until Apple upgrades their devices to be a smoother experience.

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