Author: Sarah Wieringa

I've tried to write this dang thing about ten times now. As tends to be the case with writers - at least the ones I know - I seem to be able to write about anything but myself. So let's just wing this, shall we? I play games of all genres and on all platforms; it's very much a matter of what I'm in the mood for at the time. Everything is fair game, although among my collection my PC is my main squeeze because of its versatility. Of course, gaming isn't my only pass time. I love writing, obviously. When I'm not shooting people in games I enjoy a good round of paintball and shooting people with balls of paint. Or, on a less violent note, I love taking pictures of wildlife and nature. I know, those seem completely contradictory, but it works. I also love playing with liquid latex to make neat costumes around Halloween, and am pretty much obsessed with zombies.

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